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And we have until dawn until we are landing. I think he would love it. Then lets start immediately. Aang: I come into the saddle and look at you. Sokka: I grab your tits and massage them while my boner gets harder and harder. Aang: Unsure what they are doing I just sit and look. But seeing Katara hentai piss katara sokka aang her tits massaged lets my thoughts drift slightly and my dick starts hentai piss katara sokka aang get hard. But I think I get a little rusty during our journey.

I have read about it a few times. Mind if I join? Without much searching I found a way under your clothes and rub over your panty. With eager I come closer, almost touching your face with my dick. After after all, I know the good spots. Sokka: I grin and finger you faster with the other hand leaving your tits.

Aang: Happy for this opportunity I quickly grab your tits and massage them. Sokka: I move my other hand to your pussy and while the first one fingers you, now with two fingers, the other start to rub your clit. Aang: Understanding what he trys I pinch your nippels like he did before and pull on them.

Now pay the price. Aang: Feeling that and how I am close to cumming thanks to it, I stop at your tits and push my dick into your mouth, with a deep thrust to the base and deep into you mouth. Sokka: A wide grin is on my face while I push my finger inside and pinch your clit without end. Just let it out. Sokka: I feel the orgasm and decide to tease you in not slowing down at all, playing with your pussy even with its tightness from your orgasm.

Take his dick and orgasm from hentai piss katara sokka aang touch. Aang: I let out my entire load full hentai piss katara sokka aang happiness. After that I slowly pull my dick out and look you into the face, hopping to see some of my cum hentai piss katara sokka aang your mouth to be sure its not a dream.

Sokka: With a wide grin I stop suddenly at pull my hands away. Aang: Dreamy about what has happend until now, I just look at Sokkas aktion and decide to wait before I take action again. While I let Sokka do and let him take off my clotheswhile watching the twos reactions to hentai piss katara sokka aang bit of skip that gets revealed. Sokka: With a knowing face I reveal part after part, starting with the least sexy and going to the most sexy part until you are completely naked.

And after I achieved to bring you into your birthsuite, I go aside and hold my dick at your mouth to get pleasure while also let Aang having a nice view. Aang: Full of happyness I look at your body before me while my dick gets hard again, this time even harder than before.

There are even vains visible and he jumps up and down. Interested into your pussy I go down and push your legs apart with my face over your pussy. All Rights Reserved. All image rights belong to their respective owners.

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