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For Businesses. Write a Review. Today is a holiday! Business hours may be different today. Hours updated over 3 months ago. Based on info from the business dicks sporting goods portland our users. Located in:. Washington Square. Tigard, OR Southwest Portland.

Edit business info. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter dicks sporting goods portland remove their reviews. Learn more. Share review. Embed review. If you're anything like me, you're tired of that feigned interest in good customer service that so many other stores tout as their top priority Yeah right.

Like they actually give a damn about my customer satisfaction. Good customer service? Eh, save it for the wussies who need their hands held while they shop.

At Dick's you're on your own and you know it. They respect me enough to let me manage my own shopping experience from start to finish without patronizing me with silly questions like, "are you finding what you're looking for? My money is no better or worse than the next schmuck's and no one's gonna be shedding any crocodile tears at Dick's if I never shop there again.

If I wanted that kind of sappy coddling and hands on customer service I'd buy my shoes at Foot Licker which is right across the mall from Dick's. Elite ' Hey oregon Be very careful when you make a bat purchase at Dick's. One of our league's families bought a softball bat that did not have 1. When they went to return it, the manager on duty Richard Foster stated that everybody who purchases a bat needs to check with the appropriate league official to ensure the bat is legal prior to unwrapping it so it can be returned if not.

I perused the meager softball selection and saw the only illegal bat for Little League Softball was the Easton Ghost bat this family had purchased. How hard would it be to have a sign on that rack notifying the purchaser that it's not legal in Little League?

You are a Little League sponsor and partner after all. You can check out oregon below photo to see how Dick's isn't exactly setting our families up for success. Stocking dicks sporting goods portland bats marked for softball is a surefire way of encouraging Folks to buy the wrong gear.

Unfortunately, this dicks sporting goods portland my only negative experience at this store. It's clear they favor male sports by how oregon more gear they have available for baseball than softball.

Their employees also know very little about the products they sell and you're far better served going to one of our local outfits. I'm tired of Dick's trying to control what our Little League communities have to say about their product selection, customer service, and overall Dick's experience. Y'all should know they are in business only to make money and don't care how awful a job they do.

Dicks sporting goods portland threaten to stop sponsoring Little League, but would not be in business if it isn't wasn't for youth sports. Dick's will probs be out of business soon anyway because of the loss of their overpriced gun sales.

If I could change one thing about Dick's it would be that they aren't on top of keeping their CO2 tanks filled. I go to refill, they are out and I have to wait days or a week. And they usually don't have an employee up in that dicks sporting goods portland so you have to call someone I had to call the store's main line last time to get them to send someone up.

I've never been wowed by their customer service and the prices on just about everything are super high. All in all it isn't great at Dick's. I have to go there since it's slim pickings on where to get CO2 refills.

This review is for their online shopping site. Oregon is the second year I've tried to order items for my family in Michigan and had problems. First, the "online" coupons never worked oregon me. I got in touch with an actual person dicks sporting goods portland year and received no help. Second, This year was no different. The coupon did not work. Third, they didn't fulfill my order. Because they were the only company that said they had the products I needed I ordered anyway without the coupon.

I ordered 3 hydro flasks, in 3 different colors, and the order went through just fine. The next morning one oregon was canceled because they really did not have it.

I had to scramble to find another one from a different vendor. Then hours later, they cancelled another one! And I am really struggling to find that one online and ship it on time for Christmas. Service at this Dick's is not good.

We were shopping for golf shorts today. Oregon one greeted or helped us while we looked for the correct sizes on racks. Once we found items to try on we rang a doorbell oregon the dressing room to have it unlocked. An older male salesman came by and unlocked it without uttering one word to us.

Not even "Hi" let alone "Can I assist you oregon any way? This experience is not unique to all of our visits at this store. We were able to find a great pair of shorts and nice belt, hence the two stars for inventory.

Once again, dicks failed to honor a sales price posted dicks sporting goods portland the shelf. They said it was in error. Oregon product should not have been included. Looks dicks sporting goods portland the same one as before.

Dick's has a sale going on this weekend. I was shopping for golf equipment. I get to checkout with several hundred dollars worth of stuff included was golf equipment. I was told at checkout, golf stuff was NOT included in total sale. No apology offered, none expected from Dick's. I can assume employees not informed nor trained, hence all of the signs hanging everywhere. Now instead of losing the discounted price of dicks sporting goods portland sale dicks sporting goods portland creating huge good will, they lose entire sale and zero good will.

Lot's of places to shop especially on line. I wonder what suppliers would think oregon losing sales? Read more. This store dicks sporting goods portland amazing. The largest sporting goods store in the region, as far as I know. Believe it or not this store is massive. Everything you could need for any sporting activity is carried at this unique location. The layout is optimal for shopping and if you really like you can shop at the mall too because it is directly connected to "Washington Square Mall".

I found an amazing deal here on a GST football and have been surprised with the excellent level of service from all of the team members. With so many dicks sporting goods portland retailers and options this is a great place to get in and interact with the tangibles.

Team members here at awesome and the management is top notch. Corporate compliance is also impeccable. Would recommend this store to any sports enthusiast. Manager Aaron refused to to give acceptable service.

I will avoid this store oregon future. Great customer service. I upskirt bei dunkelheit pathera. com this Dicks from out of state, near closing time, for help searching for a popular sold-out bat, and they found the last one. They helped facilitate the pick up from my relative who drove 45 minutes to get to the store and boxing of it.

Thank you guys for your patience and help:. Closed at least 10 minutes early.

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