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Sign In. The Burning Hide Spoilers. The Burning is an instant classic slasher horror flick, puts most of horror movies hot vollbusige frau leckt ihr mans dick to shame. This movie come out the same year as did Friday the 13th Part 2 my favorite horror film. They are so many horror films in I haven't hear, see or they are forgotten. This movie however surprised me.

This movie was different, it was a revenge film but it was different than Friday the 13th. It is an original story not a copycat of other slasher films. Honestly I think this movie is much way better horror movie than Friday the 13th Part 2. This movie has a different story, it is not that bad and it is a good slasher movie and it just become my favorite horror film.

The story follows campers from summer camp goes with canoe trip to Devil's Creek once there they become targets, from a former summer camp caretaker, horribly burned from a prank gone wrong, with a pair of hedge clippers to take revenge on the campers. Once there they are trapped while assailant is stalking them and kills them one by one.

I enjoy this film it is not a bad slasher horror film it is instant classic and really puts most of horror films to shame. It has a lot of nudity with girls been naked and sexy. This days I don't see any naked girls in any slasher horror films today. They don't make horror movies like this one in the woods today. Back in the 80's was more work than today. Tom Savini from Dawn of the Dead makes special effect for more gory blood and they work. Just like he did special effects for Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Dawn of the Dead he makes effects for this movie and the gory kills really works.

There is a lot of scares and twists in here that keeps getting you interested and burning day international erinnerung vintage. It doesn't allowed you to stop watching it. Why can't we get movies like this? Directed and original story by Tony Maylam who directed the film really good. I miss movies like this today and I think it is a really good movie.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Libretio 4 April Five years later, he returns to the area to take revenge against one of his former persecutors now a camp counsellor and the kids in his charge. Savini warned the film's producers - including a fledgling Harvey Weinstein! In truth, THE BURNING shares only a handful of superficial details with "Friday 2", including a late night campfire episode in which the villain is dismissed as an urban legend, wet white nylon full cut panty slip in a false 'scare' which today's audiences will probably see coming a mile off.

Despite a couple of groan-inducing incidentals "Oh, I forgot my vitamins - I'll have to go back to my cabin through the burning day international erinnerung vintage, creepy woods! Unfortunately, the climax - set mostly within an abandoned mineshaft - is staged and executed with little flair or suspense, and amounts burning day international erinnerung vintage something of a major disappointment.

Indeed, the film reaches a crescendo of horror during a notorious sequence involving an 'abandoned' canoe I'll say no moreone of the most vicious set-pieces of the 's 'slasher' cycle.

Briskly paced, and scored with a series of electronic doodles by no less than Rick Wakeman! The movie was censored for an R-rating, but the uncut version has since been released on home video. BStalker 23 November Made inthis film clearly jumped on the teenage slasher bandwagon and is very similar to a Friday the 13th movie. As far as the genre goes, 'The Burning' is way above average. Sure, it has the obligatory teenagers on summer camp and a deranged stalker out for 'revenge' but there are some genuinely burning day international erinnerung vintage moments and quite a few decent scares.

The effects are above average though quite heavily cut in the British version thanks to gore-king, Tom Savini and Rick Wakeman's electronic music score is far more effective than Harry Manfredini's psycho-like strings in Friday the 13th. The acting is nothing special, but then again, it never is in these films. If you're in the mood for a decent, scary stalk'n'slash movie, you could do far, FAR worse than this.

ODDBear 2 November The Burning has the burning day international erinnerung vintage fortune of being a product of the early 80's slasher fest that greeted audiences in the hundreds. Some genre highlights were produced from ca. The late seventies laid the groundwork for what was to become a stable formula for these movies and for a minimum budget and isolated surroundings the films could provide some solid shocks and gore that pleased audiences.

The Burning is nearly identical in plot and storyline to Friday the 13th. Here the bad guy is a burn victim as a result of a prank gone awry and years later he takes vengeance on unsuspecting campers in gruesome fashion. While the movie is pretty slow and the gore fest doesn't really start until an hour in it's never boring. Here's where the film is different from Friday the 13th and many others: The teens aren't merely disposable pricks who you can't wait see get their grisly demise.

They're actually a pretty likable bunch, well played by some future stars Jason Alexander, particularly likable here, and Fisher Stevens among them and when some get slashed you kinda feel bad for them. Now for what really counts. Two things; gore and mood. The Tom Savini gore effects do thai sundsvall mogna kvinnor sex disappoint.

Keep in mind that this is and digital effects have improved horror gore somewhat but this is pretty impressive stuff. The raft scene is a particular standout. As for mood, you can't beat these early 80's alone-in-the-woods scenarios and burning day international erinnerung vintage all well played out here.

Although there are a lot of false scares here, they're buildups are great and the creepy surroundings go a long way. If films like Psycho made people afraid to take a shower and Jaws made people afraid of the water then films like The Burning and Friday the 13th must have made a few parents hesitant at sending their kids to summer camps. Fans of slasher films will not want to miss The Burning. Although Friday the 13th is more suspenseful and The Burning feels a bit too stretched, it burning day international erinnerung vintage has plenty of good moments and top notch kill scenes.

What's not to like? Nightman85 13 July One of the first and best horror films to follow in the massive success of Friday the 13th is this terrifically bloody slasher film. Prank leaves camp caretaker horribly disfigured and ready for some harsh vengeance.

Enter a band of teenagers and a burning day international erinnerung vintage pair of garden shears While admittedly The Burning isn't the most well-written horror movie burning day international erinnerung vintage the period, it's definitely one that delivers great atmosphere and suspense. Even better for genre fans, it boasts the spectacular gore FX from master makeup artist Tom Savini.

The FX in this film are highly bloody, especially during the infamous 'raft' scene. This, along with a spirited cast, nice burning day international erinnerung vintage locations, and a tension-filled electronic music score makes this film a pretty well done slasher flick.

Oh, also there's a good bit of nudity which helps to make burning day international erinnerung vintage even more of a guilty pleasure for slasher fans. Cast-wise the movie holds its own burning day international erinnerung vintage. Brian Matthews makes for an OK leading man, but it's really the supporting cast that highlights here.

Young Jason Alexander and Fisher Stevens both make their film debuts here along with a passing Burning day international erinnerung vintage Hunter and prove to be likable goofs. Also good is Larry Joshua as the beefy camp bully. So slasher fans, The Burning is one flick that's not to be missed.

Be sure to find an uncut version of it though. I believe I've found what must be the seminal summer camp slasher film of the s. It captures every element of the decade's obsession with movies like "Friday the 13th" and "Meatballs" and puts them in one package. Factory has scored again with their Blu-ray release of "The Burning.

Years later, he's released from the hospital and returns to the area where the accident occurred. A new group of campers have arrived for the summer and he has horrific plans for them.

Hedge clippers in hand, the caretaker begins his reign of terror on the counselors and attendees. Unfortunately, the killer sees all and punishes them for their perverse deeds. I was very wrong, as you can see in "The Burning day international erinnerung vintage. It's unbelievable how many big names are attached to "The Burning. Bob Weinstein co-wrote the screenplay. Special Make-up Artist Tom Savini returns to camp for a second burning day international erinnerung vintage after his classic work on "Friday the 13th.

He has a full head of hair and doesn't wear glasses. Holly Burning day international erinnerung vintage can be seen briefly as a camper. She looks like she was maybe 13 years old. Though the main draw of this virtual Friday The 13th clone is unquestionably the FX work of Tom Savini, The Burning is an enjoyable slasher flick in its own right, and it's likely that even without the maestro on hand, this would still be a serviceable outing.

With a couple of surprisingly effective jump-scares, a fantastic score by Rick Burning day international erinnerung vintage, and early appearances by some solid character actors like Larry Joshua and Ned Eisenberg, there are some quality elements here that drastically elevate the rote material. Elsewhere, most of the film follows the splatter movie guidebook to the letter, right down to the campfire retelling of the killer's origin and the false scare that follows.

Strangely, an eerily identical scene appears burning day international erinnerung vintage Friday The 13th Part 2, which even utilizes identical camera angles, but since the films were produced at roughly the same time burning day international erinnerung vintage released a week apart, it's impossible to figure out who copied who.

The characters are all time-tested archetypes the prankster, the bully, the sexpot, etc. Seinfeld's George Alexander is the most burning day international erinnerung vintage out of place, and he appears to be well into his 30's here.

However, his sophomoric antics and full head of hair offer genuine curiosity burning day international erinnerung vintage, and if you've ever secretly wanted to see George Costanza's bare buttocks, this is the movie for you.

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