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By Ramin Setoodeh. New York Bureau Chief. Teen nackt girl sex arsch when she spoke, the audience let out a collective gasp — at her British accent. Powley spoke teen nackt girl sex arsch Variety about preparing for the role in the Sony Pictures Classics release, which opens today. Or was punished for it. I think in society in general, female sexuality amongst teenage girls is a taboo subject. Women are put in boxes: the virgin waiting hot naked girls having sex im bett Prince Charming; or the high school slutty girl; or the asexual geeky girl.

No one is really those things. Were you worried about how it would be received? I had trepidation seeing it with other people. But teen nackt girl sex arsch was received at Sundance exactly how it wanted to be.

At the end, I burst into tears. Was it hard to revert back to your teenage years? I was 21 when we shot it. You know what? When I read the script, I knew the feelings. But when I went back and tried to recreate them, I realized it was difficult. Your emotions are on the surface and you oscillate between different things at one time. You move differently. You hold yourself differently. It was getting all those nuances correct. Your American accent is very convincing.

I worked with a dialect coach in London for a month. Did you watch a lot of movies from the 70s? I listened to a lot of David Bowie, a lot of Iggy Pop. Had you done a nude scene before? But I was so excited to be showing a normal female body onscreen and not a Hollywood version of what a female body should be, and also showing sex through a female lens.

Wanting to do that overrode my fear. I hope young women go see the film and feel comforted by the fact that this is a positive body image. Do you think it would have been possible to make this movie with a male director? Did you lie on bed like this? Did you have sex like this? How did you convince her to cast you? I made an audition tape.

I wanted to be in the film so much, I added an extra bit at the end, where I spoke into the camera as myself. I told some stories about my own teenage years, and the reasons I related to the film. I ended up Skyping with Mari and we got along instantly. I feel like we were both similar teenagers and similar to Minnie.

Teen nackt girl sex arsch later flew to New York and read with Alexander and got the part. Our first assistant director is a really prolific drag queen, Cousin Wonderlette.

It all kind of came together, we were doing a premiere in San Francisco with our cast and crew. We had no idea it was going to go viral. Home Film News. Aug 7, pm PT. See All. More From Our Brands. Expand the sub menu Film. Expand the sub menu TV. Expand the sub menu What To Watch. Expand the sub menu Music. Expand the teen nackt girl sex arsch menu Awards.

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