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Instead of getting a reboot of the original or a direct follow up to the open-ended Season 5, fans were introduced to a whole new teen titans cartoon network bilder of show.

Specifically, this was a show more for really young kids rather than fans of the original show or the comics, which is a demographic mostly made up of teenagers and older people. Yet, over time, Teen Titans Go! So, what interesting content goes on behind the scenes? For a character as dark and emo as Raven teen titans cartoon network bilder be obsessed with a show called Pretty Pretty Pegasus, the concept appears to be far-fetched.

After all, it just doesn't fit with her outward persona or how she views the world around her. Though, the answer to that question has more to do with what goes on behind the scenes rather than Raven's personality. Teen Titans have always been blonde milf blowjob cumshot slutload among comic book fans but rather obscure to those outside of comic book stores across the world. Which makes sense, since none of these characters -- not even Robin -- could hold down their own TV series.

Bits and pieces of clips from the original show are shown throughout certain episodes of Teen Titans Go! Teen titans cartoon network bilder Titans. While the original Teen Titans and their comic book versions take on a more serious attitude, Teen Titans Go! In the episode "Caramel Apples" Trigon, Raven's father teen titans cartoon network bilder sucked into a portal screaming "I'll be back for Thanksgiving".

In another episode "Dog Hand" Raven remarks her father will be back for Thanksgiving. Sure enough, Trigon shows back up for their Thanksgiving episode.

Got to love a supervillain good on his word. Oftentimes people take for granted specific features teen titans cartoon network bilder their favorite characters. Most times, they don't even notice if he or she is a vegetarian or meat-eater nor should they.

Those obscure details are usually just there for the hardcore fanbase. Thankfully, this is something the showrunners thought about because it would appear quite weird for him to eat chicken as a chicken. It almost feels lazy when someone tries to wing a specific project by not doing their fair share of research on the topic or reading an instruction manual.

After all, it just seems like a good way to set yourself up for failure. Whether this teen titans cartoon network bilder a good or bad creative decision is left up to the viewer, woman sex tonight in herning this explains so much of the show's polarizing depictions of otherwise familiar characters.

It shouldn't be that shocking to learn that a show like Teen Titans Go! In fact, it happens almost every other episode with some figures from the comics or popular DC television adaptions to stop by. Usually, the characters that drop by are recognizable figures to fans but sometimes lesser-known heroes and villains will appear.

In the episode "Pirates," the purple octopus that is shown onscreen is actually Aqua Man's sidekick Topo. Teen Titans have always teen titans cartoon network bilder a fascination with Japanese culture, especially anime. While all of these date back to the original show, there are a few references Japanese culture that still remain from the new Teen Titans Go! One of those references has to do with the jokes made in Japanese dubs about the word "GO," which in Japanese means "five.

Money talks, especially to executives of major cartoon networks. These executives do not just concern themselves with ratings but, instead, focus more on various merchandise sales, particularly toy lines. When Cartoon Network started making shorter shows around 10 to 15 minutes per episode that were popular among younger audiences, executives determined that a show like Teen Titans Go!

Making cartoons is expensive; just ask any TV executive that works for any world-wide cartoon network. This is precisely the reason why animation studios only come out with a handful of movies and TV series a year and why they tend to focus on more well-known products that they know will generate an immediate profit from more established fanbases.

With that in mind, the showrunners decided to go with the less expensive Flash animation for Teen Titans Go! It is no surprise that voice actors would throughout their career appear in countless films, cartoon series, video games, and other smaller shorts.

That is just the nature of the business. Sometimes, fans can recognize their favorite childhood cartoon's voices in another children's favorite cartoon's voices. It's always fun to spot teen titans cartoon network bilder familiar voicing someone else entirely. Greg Cipes, the voice actor for Beast Boy, has had a long and storied career voicing various cartoon characters. Various references to this can be found throughout Teen Titans Go! Home Lists Teen Titans Go!

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