As mainstream news media starts paying attention to the potential nomination of Judge Sri Srinivasan, important questions of identity are cropping up. So here is a teachable moment on where Indians fit into amateur big tits blondine selfie Asian American category, in a simple Q and A format:. Asian is a racial category not an ethnic category.

The U. Are all people from Asia considered Asian Americans? Like what about Iranians? Asian is a racial category in the United States. Why are some immigrants from the Asian continent excluded from that definition?

Short answer: Asian is a racial category that was based on racist and exclusionary laws in the United States. Iranians, Armenians, etc. Asian immigrants like Indian and Japanese immigrants could not become U.

This is another reason why appointing an Asian immigrant to the high court would be such a huge symbolic and historic move, as Boykott von asian american leute wrote for NBCNews. I have a piece in the Washington Post that starts answering this question. The closest example we have so far is the nomination battle over Vivek Murthy also an immigrant, and an Indian American who identifies as Asian American.

In some ways, the Murthy nomination battle might have been even bigger, with the NRA opposing his nomination. Many Asian American or pan-Asian groups mobilized in boykott von asian american leute of Murthy, but it was not an election-defining nomination fight, so groups were not trying to mobilize voters and donors in the same way. We would be in uncharted here if Srinivasan gets nominated, and we can see not only if Asian American voters and donors might get energized, but also other groups like immigrants, Latinos, African Americans, partisan Democrats, environmentalists, and so on.

This makes it very exciting for research as well as continuing our national conversation on race and identity. Where can I find out more about survey research on Asian American and Indian identity and politics?

So here is a teachable moment boykott von asian american leute where Indians fit into the Asian American category, in a simple Q and A format: 1. Are Indians considered Asians in the United States? Does Srinivasan consider himself Asian American? So, should we call Srinivasan Indian, or Asian, or both? Can we expect Asian groups to mobilize around Srinivasan? Growth of Asian American Political Contributions.

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