I am not a doctor and am relating only teen pigtails und ball knebel own personal experience and opinions. Do-it-yourself prostate drainage is an experimental technique which is helping some sufferers.

I take no responsibility if you try this and hurt yourself somehow. Neither, I'm sure does the Teen pigtails und ball knebel Foundation. If you experience a fever or other serious illness within 24 hours of a drainage you should see a doctor immediately.

This article covers the following frequently asked questions: What is prostate drainage? Why would I want to do it myself? Can anybody do it? My arms are too short. Is there any other way? What benefits can I expect? Can't I get the same benefits from just taking antibiotics? Couldn't I just ejaculate normally instead of having my prostate drained?

Is the improvement permanent? What are the possible drawbacks to do-it-yourself drainage? Can I hurt myself? How do I know I am doing it right?

How exactly does Dr. What do I need in the way of supplies and where do I get them? Do I need goteborg massage naken massage stockholm preparation? Do you mean I have to masturbate? Can't I just skip the ejaculation? How do you do it? How long teen pigtails und ball knebel it take before I see some results?

What happens if I miss a day or two? How will I know when I'm cured? How often should I do the drainage? Why can't my uro do it for me? Can I email you if I have teen pigtails und ball knebel other questions? Prostate drainage is an essential part of Dr. AE Feliciano's treatment for prostatitis. This drainage must be done every two days or the whole treatment may fail. The rest of the treatment consists of several cultures of seminal fluid to determine the cause s of the infection and to determine the best antibiotic or antifungal to take, followed by a course of the appropriate antibiotic or antifungal.

Prostate drainage is an advanced version of the digital rectal exam DRE. The doctor inserts his gloved finger into your rectum and presses on portions of the prostate in an attempt to drain all of the trapped fluid. Dare dorm college sex porno, you don't.

It would be nice if every uro was as skilled and knowledgeable as Dr. AEF and open on weekends. However, there's only one of him and it's thailand girls sexy fu?e in flip flops teen pigtails und ball knebel expensive plane ride to the Philippines.

Until the treatment becomes widespread this may be the only option. Also, are you really looking forward to spending a good chunk of every other day in the waiting room of your friendly uro just so he can do a five minute massage on you? Of course, there is also the matter of his fee which your insurance company is not too interested in paying for yet. You need to be fairly flexible and have long enough arms.

Short stubby fingers might also be a problem. You also have to have enough courage to do it. It's kind of frightening the first time but gets to be routine after a while. There might be. Tarfusser uses his ultrasonic probe to reach teen pigtails und ball knebel he can't. You might experiment with something like a long thin dildo if you can find one stiff enough.

If it is too flexible that wouldn't work teen pigtails und ball knebel you wouldn't want to use something that could break. It would also need to be easily sterilized. You can also try to talk your wife or significant other into helping you. Good way to find out if they really love you! My own experience, even without the use of any antibiotics has been that regular drainage has resulted in a reduction or elimination of all symptoms. My prostate has actually shrunk in size since I began the regular drainages and I find that I no longer have any sitting pain or discomfort when urinating.

Urine flow has also improved. The spot left by "the last drop" on my underwear has shrunk from bigger than a silver dollar down nackt nude girl slut load smaller than a dime.

The antibiotics cannot reach the infection when the acini are clogged. Only when they are drained regularly does the antibiotic get where it needs to go in sufficient quantities to do some good.

Without the drainage all you do is breed your own supply of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Once the acini clog up, a normal ejaculation does not drain them. If it did we wouldn't all be suffering from prostatitis. We don't know yet. Do-it-yourself may only help to ease the symptoms until Dr. You may need to continue on a regular schedule until then. It is too soon to tell. The major drawback so far has been a slightly sore wrist due to the extreme angle required but this goes away quickly and after a while your wrist adjusts.

It is conceivable that you could possible spread the infection to your urinary tract but so far that has not happened. See the warning in the disclaimer. There is a small chance that you could cut yourself with a fingernail but if you keep them short and wear a glove this should not happen.

You will probably feel an increase in the burning sensation in the region between your prostate and your penis after a drainage. There may also be some itching at the tip. This is caused by the high alkalinity of the infected fluid.

Always urinate immediately after the drainage to wash the fluid away. I take mg of Vitamin C every twelve hours in order to make the urine more acidic to help neutralize the alkaline fluid. Some people have reported that this seems to make their burning sensation worse Perhaps their infection actually turns it acidic instead though supposedly this has only been seen in dogs and not humans. Anyway, if Vitamin C doesn't help I would experiment with antacids to see if that helped but it may just be that the urethra has been so irritated by the infection that the salt in the urine is enough to make it teen pigtails und ball knebel. Only solution then is to cut back on salt and take plenty of fluids.

There may be a short term reduction in flow but this usually clears in an hour or so. Per Dr. I suppose if you really tried you might do something dreadful like puncture your colon but this would take some doing. Another poster Scott has been told teen pigtails und ball knebel do this same drainage by his uro so at least one doctor thinks that it's not too dangerous. The worst I've had was a slight bruised feeling which faded quickly.

No worse than what I got from some DREs. You can feel the movement of fluid. If you get enough fluid movement you will see a few drops at the end of your penis but don't feel that you are a failure if you don't. It's a long way from the acini to the tip of your penis. If the burning sensation increases after a drainage then that is also a good sign that teen pigtails und ball knebel have managed to get some out.

Don't worry. You will get better and braver with practice. The following is from a post by Dave T. AEF written in response to my question. How did Dr. Was there anything special? Was it from one side to another? Did much fluid come out? Teen pigtails und ball knebel he push hard to eradicate all fluid or was it a gradual process in which if a blockage teen pigtails und ball knebel come out today, he didn't worry because it would come out later, etc.

Can the prostate be damaged by drainage? His drainage starts by inserting his right hand index finger and finding the middle of the prostate.

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