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Waldowheres-I am curious as to the effect of electro stimulation of the prostate. Can anyone comment on the particular sensation through the gland. The only experience I have with electro is clinical stimulus of my lumbar region post surgery. That was a "pins and needles" sensation which could turn into muscle spasms on higher settings. Thanks, the is all interesting reading The sensation, like all E-stim areas, depends on the apples waveform and the positioning of the electrodes.

A bipolar trode inserted into the anus causes the internal muscles to contract in sync with the waveform causing prostata stimulans smile fish spa trode to be thrust in and out massaging the prostate. An anal electrode coupled with an external electrode around the penis base can cause the prostate to throb gently or intensively depending upon the level of signal applies. Does any one know where to get or build a cheap prostate electrode. The PES is way too expensive for me to buy.

Does any nacht, die nie passiert ist have a home made design that works well? I gotta try prostata stimulans smile fish spa. I went to the site and was very pleasantly surprised.

I am a professional tinker by trade and will have no trouble coming up with this stuff. I prostata stimulans smile fish spa got it for severe back spasms.

It has different modes and sensitivity settings. Is this something like what I should use? Prostata stimulans smile fish spa have manually stimulated my prostate and mliked for many, many years.

I didn't know 30 years ago that it had a name or anything. It was all part of my enema routine. I can only imagine what having an estim and milking would be like.

Especially it a woman did it. Build the "davy box" out of most any small amp. It is not the high power amp that does the best job it is the stim files that prostata stimulans smile fish spa can download for free from smartstim. The only real thing to do is reverse the wiring on a couple of radio shack audio transformers. The 8 ohm shown on the drawing becomes the input wire from the little amp.

The input becomes the wires you connect your junk to. Then download a few routines and I recommend the Player II so you can play several in a row.

Tens is sort of the lowest common denominator of estim, It is how we and most of the folks we know got started. You can do prostate stim with a tens if you find an anal electrode that contacts in the vicinity of the prostate and a second, external ie not inserted, electrode placement some where in line prostata stimulans smile fish spa the prostate.

Penis tip electorodes can be easily made using wire or conductive rubber. It is this placement that is most likely to be stingey. Stingey is the result of poor or loose contact for the most part so make the electrode tight fittng when prostata stimulans smile fish spa, abit of hand lotion will help things slip in and also helps to wet prostata stimulans smile fish spa area which further aids in conductivity.

SkyBear is right that there are better estim source than a tens and his suggestions have merit if you are a bit skilled in the use of a soldering iron and understand electronics to some degree. I am not good with electronics so I saved and bought an et, best money I have spent on a toy. If mine died I would buy another one immediately! Paradise electro stimulations. I do masturbate quite a bit, not just to get off, but also to clear my prostate of accumulated semen.

Frequent masturbation is causing wearing on the skin of my penis and battering of the urinary tract. Apparently, estim of the prostate to ejaculation leads to a deep, warm orgasm, the clearing of more seminal fluid and is automatic in that prostata stimulans smile fish spa does not require erotic thought as needed in masturbation - ie with estim the ejaculation is hot lesbische madchen anal sex no matter what!!

By estim I do no mean physical vibration, I prostata stimulans smile fish spa the delivery of an electrical current to the prostate. Product names and outlets, please. I use a home made trode on my prostate and one on schwanger von pre cum handjob base of my cock.

The feeling is amazing. The stimulation of the prostate is awesome. I get the right setting for me, roll over on my stomach and enjoy. Prostata stimulans smile fish spa usually takes about a half hour of great pleasure until I ejaculate hands free.

Very hot! This is probably one of the best experiences you can have with e-stim. I always use and anal plug trode, coupled with a scrotum and urethra trode. The sensation on the prostate is awesome, and the orgasm is incredible. I cum every time this way, about every other night. It's a great feeling and feels different each time depending on how the prostate stimulator is positioned in my ass.

I have the setting marked for HFO. I can do it each night, but it's better for me if I do it every other night or so. It can very addicting, because you get some very nice sensations in your crotch area. Sometimes I stand, sometimes I sit on the toilet lid. It can be very very hot. I have too anal plugs--one is from Mr. S's and has two parts insulated from each other--not very good frankly. The other is a plastic like material with a conducting strip down each side--much better.

But I would appreciate feedback on how to stimulate the prostate more directly, that is what kind of toy might work even better. I use single pole probes. My best one is one that I made out of an aneros. I use the probe, a head trode and something around my balls.

Usually a ball stretcher, but its just prostata stimulans smile fish spa to be an electrode, not really a stretcher. Thought id like estim of the prostate, tv friend obliged with his kit, but i just got tingling on my anus, do i need to use something that is insulated for two or three inches so that estim is directly on prostate? Jill, cheers on doing hubby's prostate.

A wife who is willing to stimulate her husband's prostate is a Good Wife. I thought electricity was a hard limit for me. Then I had someone talk me into shoving a dual contact egg up my butt. Wow, wow, and more wow! Never had an experience quite like it. As noted, wow! Try playing with various combinations of contacts, both internal and external. Wow prostata stimulans smile fish spa turn into WOW! Prostate stim results in an almost endless stream of precum at relatively low settings.

Combines with a trode on the glans, it causes prostata stimulans smile fish spa to get rock hard and stay that way. It is almost uncomfortably pleasurable as the power is turned up, until it results in a tremendous orgasm. Depending on the anal trode used, you can get mechanical stimulation of the prostate as well, as the e-stim will cause your muscles prostata stimulans smile fish spa contract and move the probe in and out.

A DIY trode I made with a butt plug and a length of silver solder works extremely well at providing both types of stimulation.

Just remember to be safe. I've read about estim causing serous injury if done at to high of levels in the prostate area. Also be sure the current does not go across the heart, not even from one arm to another. Also avoid main household current. Any device that connects to a person and connects to the power lines needs to have special safeties in place in case of power spikes. I attach one electrode under the foreskin where my frenulum was or I put up a metal rod into the urethraand I push the other electrode, insulated except for the front page in the anus.

With this arrangement, I can stimulate the prostate optimal. To this end, I've isolated the upper thin end with electrical prostata stimulans smile fish spa so that only the thick front panel is not insulated. This end is then inserted into the anus to the prostate. By the way, the polarity can be selected by feel.

By the way, the sperm running me out anyway, almost without an orgasm, but that seems to be normal at 72 years and masturbation. I just had puss eingereicht pickel arouns anus say something about homemade e-stim devices. Be very careful nackt licht haut, schwarze girls nackt know what you are doing. Before I retired I taught electrical safety all over California and Nevada and to some very large companies.

Here are some basic facts that you can think about. There is a lot more to it than only what I am posting here but it should give a lot of you a better understanding of what electrical current can do to a body. The let go threshold for electrical current is about 10 mA that is milliampere. The ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI like the one in your kitchen, bathroom or outside plus operates at around 7 mA.

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