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The melt mass according to the invention is particularly suitable for corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant finishing of flat packaging substrates, preferably for food and pharmaceutical packaging.

But also for other areas of application are the substrates equipped with the melt compositions according to the invention applicable, such as B. The corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant finishing of flat substrates made of metal, plastic and cellulose materials is one in technology Known and material-related necessity for objects against Protect environmental influences and extend the lifespan.

The protection against corrosion has a high priority in the national economy. At Packaging, especially for the food schmelze durch vs partielle penetration pharmaceutical sectors high demands are also placed on the anti-corrosion agent equipment posed. Schmelze durch vs partielle penetration must be chemically and physically inert to the filling goods and must not contain any toxic, taste and odor-influencing substances submit.

To achieve this goal according to the current state of the art, for the corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant finishing of flat surfaces Substrates mainly coating compositions and lacquers containing solvents in use.

The solvents are important for this product group Auxiliaries to those consisting of polymers and resins Bring anti-corrosion agents into a processable condition because the raw materials are predominantly solid. The liquid The state of matter has yet another essential function, namely Wetting on the substrate surfaces to be protected.

Because the wetting is an important prerequisite for liability adhesion. Schmelze durch vs partielle penetration solvents required for this can be aliphatic and aromatic, such as B. After application and after setting, they must be removed from the anti-corrosion agents or must be driven out. These released solvents were still years ago released to the environment.

Due to the progressive emissions legislation this is only possible to a very limited extent. Therefore, in the In recent years, recycling processes for solvent recovery have intensified suggested. But you also have the disadvantage that the exhaust air containing solvents is also fed to an afterburning unit must be in order to meet the legal requirements of the TA-Luft. A Another problem with the recycling of the solvents is that they often exist as a mixture of two or more solvents and therefore not can be used universally for new coating materials and paints.

Also have the recovered solvents and their mixtures are not unlimited Reusability. Corrosion protection agents brought a partial improvement to aqueous Dispersion base and those with a higher solids content. Both aqueous corrosion inhibitors, however, have been found in many industrial areas of application for organic solvents are often not can be dispensed with entirely.

So the problem was one Solvent recovery continues. This especially affects u. In recent times there have also been solvent-free coatings and varnishes known. These are so-called "single and multi-pot" systems. While nackt madchen auf facebook gehackt one-pot systems are application-specific and u. Because these application-oriented corrosion protection agents then they have a so-called pot life, during which they can be processed for industrial uses a number of disadvantages that are not always caused by Mixing and dosing devices schmelze durch vs partielle penetration be compensated.

Since it is also called solvent-free anti-corrosion agents also in a liquid Their individual reactive state of matter must exist Components from relatively low molecular weight compounds. These low molecular weight compounds, also known as reactive diluents often not only physiologically questionable, but possess characteristic, intense, negative taste and smell notes. But also in the technical area one can low degree of cross-linking to problems, especially in durability against environmental influences.

Overall, the reactive thinners the disadvantage if residues of it, even in the ppm range, do not crosslink they adversely affect the adhesion adhesion at the interface, because they schmelze durch vs partielle penetration vagabond like solvents.

Now about curing or crosslinking at high production speeds to accelerate have also recently become polymerizable Coating materials and lacquers become known, which by means of ionizing Rays, especially electron beams, and UV rays are curable. So that coating materials and varnishes become hardenable under UV rays so-called photoinitiators and possibly synergists are added to them.

These However, photosensitive additives remain in schmelze durch vs partielle penetration after curing Corrosion protection layer and contaminate both when stacking and when Contact with fillings the environment and are therefore for the food and Pharmaceutical packaging is not suitable because it is considered physiologically questionable are classified.

When hardening with ionizing rays are such Contamination problems caused by photosensitive additives and synergists do not given. The radiation-curable known according to the current state of the art Overall, coating compounds and varnishes have yet another large one Disadvantage because they have a relatively high percentage of processing reasons must contain monomers containing acrylic groups as reactive diluents so that they can be applied.

Schmelze durch vs partielle penetration acrylic monomers can more or less be physiologically questionable. Some of these are also considered toxic classified.

One of the biggest disadvantages, however, is the taste and odor-influencing components towards the environment, the filling goods, especially in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, which are supported by a Residual monomer content, even at very low ppm values.

The anti-corrosion agents described above will do it in the future either difficult from an economic or technical point of view, under environmentally friendly and good hygienic conditions make corrosion-resistant equipment because of the state of the art does not offer solutions that meet all of these requirements. This Problems arise particularly from the article by Piringer et al. At the shown relative threshold values of inert solvents, acrylates and methacrylates, in terms of smell and Taste is demonstratively shown that when such low molecular weight compounds schmelze durch vs partielle penetration problematic.

That's the way it is relative odor threshold z. Furthermore, it can be said that the evaluation of legal measures and requirements in the environment, commercial and food hygiene and the like in the European community such as in the North American market and Japan are largely identical if there are nuances in the ich liebe den strand, topless strand rules is disregarded.

Summary and comparative representations are u. Kittel "Textbook of paints and coatings", Vol. Colomb Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin and Oberschwandorf, and therefore this prior art need not be particularly appreciated. For this purpose Coating agents used in which the backbone polymers in reactive Thinners dissolved or the base products in such a liquid Physical state that schmelze durch vs partielle penetration can be applied.

These are not built-in In many cases, remnants cannot be eliminated by additional and more expensive products Remove cleaning processes or reduce them to such a degree that they comply with legal requirements. Since they are also physiological Such corrosion protection agents are only of limited concern operational, with the food and pharmaceutical sector completely is to be excluded. This is due to the fact that the filling material sensory, d. In addition the additional cost burdens for end products come from such Aftercare measures.

Schmelze durch vs partielle penetration one was trying to radiation curing to work out a better and more economical solution that at the same time still ensure economy. Because of the under economic Conditions not achievable minimum degree of networking - as already mentioned above - could with these radiation curable coating agents the hoped-for breakthrough cannot be achieved.

So in the European Patent application 01 57 radiation-curable coatings for steel sheets described, which are deformable with rays after curing. Since she but processed at room temperature, they are relatively high Content of reactive diluents or low molecular acrylic monomers. Because the specialist knows that with increasing Content of short-chain, low-molecular monomers in one Coating matrix the flexibility toughness and the brittleness increase. In the event of a deformation, a large number of hairline cracks in the Corrosion protection film are created, which significantly reduces the effectiveness becomes.

In another European patent application 01 84 radiation-curable, thermoplastic coating compounds for wood and others Described substrates that consist of copolymerizable ethylenically unsaturated Polyesters and thermoplastic polymers exist. With that Coating agents presented, which deliver good final properties can, however, with the problems of evaporation schmelze durch vs partielle penetration the inert solvents and which have residual solvent and monomer contents.

For corrosion-resistant finishing, so-called. While the hot melt adhesives related to the melt masses in many industries have become very important, the enamel masses are relatively insignificant stayed if of a few uses, such as Corrosion protection films, apart from.

These corrosion protection films are created from a hot dip, which u. Which forming film or coating can later be removed without residue. Regardless of whether it is enamel for coating or schmelze durch vs partielle penetration purposes are the thermoplastic base raw materials including the resins and plasticizers thermosensitive and especially in the presence of atmospheric oxygen exposed to thermal oxidation. This associated thermal problem is in the international technical language with the term "Heat History" circumscribed.

While with hot melt adhesives with stabilizers and Antioxidants can be worked on, they can only be used in the enamels used when they are used in the technical area. Also by covering with protective gases, such as. Certainly there are also lower ones Temperature melting masses, however, do not have any Escort finland escort girls i oslo resistance and chemical resistance is not always sufficient.

Schmelze durch vs partielle penetration melt coating compositions are u. Further enamel masses are in the monograph R. Jordan "Schmelzklebstoffe", Vol. The critical parameters associated with the "heat history" on the one hand and the improvement of the final properties, such as B. This is preferably moisture-curing Polyurethane systems.

Depending on the layer thickness and the hardening required Ambient humidity between 1 and 96 hours. Other reactive enamels are still used today not become known in literature or in business. The reasons are certainly not alone in the so-called "heat history" but rather on to look for the lack of suitable raw materials.

To schmelze durch vs partielle penetration it up legal requirements to be updated to improve the environment Food and work hygiene and the sensory problems preventive measures alone are no longer sufficient because with higher investment costs in plants, schmelze durch vs partielle penetration devices and the like. And on the other hand are associated with costly monitoring.

Therefore it both for better ecology as well as in work and food hygiene better, this existing and that on us to eliminate upcoming tasks by having the causes eliminated as far as possible and still a high level of economy ensures.

Despite these numerous efforts, it has not so far succeeded in producing enamels with properties that from organic solutions applied would be only somewhat equivalent.

But since corrosion-resistant equipment comes from economics For reasons of public interest and necessity, it is The task and aim of the present invention, innovative ways for the future to demonstrate the above and other drawbacks eliminated and in addition for the food and industrial hygiene area also the sensory area Solves problem. These problems are resolved as in the preceding claims evident, solved.

The polymerizable, hydroxyl-containing polymers A used according to the invention are ethylenically unsaturated, thermoplastic polymers with an average molecular weight w of to , preferably 10, and , in particular 20, andThe ethylenically unsaturated group is an organic radical of the general formula The thermoplastic backbone polymers according to the invention for the inventive Enamel compositions are polymers and copolymers made from starch and cellulose, such as B.

The thermoplastic, polymerizable cellulose esters according to the invention and ethers are reaction products from commercially available cellulose esters and ether with a compound that is one of the above ethylenically unsaturated Groups. In contrast, the cellulose ethers can be alkyl, aralkyl and acrylic, hydroxyalkyl, Be carboxyalkyl ether and the like.

In addition, mixed ethers and Mixed esters are suitable if the enamel compositions according to the invention are used a specific property is conferred. The production such is polymerizable, thermoplastic cellulose esters and ethers u. Attempts are already made there, to graft other monomers and polymers onto the cellulose molecule to to win new types of plastics p.

This can be done e. Etherification by allyl chloride, schmelze durch vs partielle penetration by girls having anal sex lachelnd formation in the cellulose molecule, e. To the The cellulose polymers which can be used according to the invention also include the starch esters organic acids, alkyl ethers and aralkyl ethers of starch.

The Starch alkyl ethers can carry additional functional groups. A typical representative is the starch allyl ether, which with other allyl and Vinyl compounds can be polymerized, making cross-linked products receives.

Starch allyl ethers are known as paint raw materials and are made from their solutions processed in inert organic solvents. Schmelze durch vs partielle penetration use schmelze durch vs partielle penetration these polymerizable, thermoplastic conversion products from cellulose and starch also has an economic aspect.

Because the cellulose and starch resources are not as limited as the oil resources in this world from which the coreactants originate, which Modification of the cellulose and starch starting products are needed. In addition, cellulose and starch are natural products and therefore have a more environmentally friendly aspect.

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