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  1. In the end Artemis was given over to law enforcement.

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View Badges! Gallery Folders. Miss Martian. Wonder Girl. The Girls Together. Justice League Women. Gender Benders. Latest Gallery Contributors. Chapter 1 Something shiny and black goes whizzing past your head into the person you artemis von young justice nackt chasing. You notice it's a batarang. You easily recognize it. You turn around and automatically think evans ink und hop bottom Batman. Instead the look on your face is shock.

You realize unless Batman had a sex change, this person wearing Batman's costume is a girl. You don't know what to think. You see her collect the batarang ties the guy you were chasing up. She turns towards you and you ask her what her name is. She only says, "Call me Batgirl" and then shoots a zipline and takes off. You artemis von young justice nackt believe what you heard. You realize you have to get in touch with Batman to see if he has someone named Batgirl working for him.

You quickly contact the watchtower to get you in contact with Batman. Batman responds, "Yes, what is it Dinah? Chapter 4 You freeze in a moment of fear after you see a big black ball of energy coming towards you. You snap out of artemis von young justice nackt and quickly dodge it. You then fly quickly towards her and punch her hard. She's goes flying into a car. You quickly follow up with another and then you throw her into a nearby shop window.

She quickly gets back up and then you see her hands have a black ball of energy around them and with a swing of them, a semi-truck comes flying towards you. You now know how her abilities work and so you quickly dodge it and make yourself intangible artemis von young justice nackt come up behind her and grab her but this time it's not going to work because she also knows what your capable of and she quickly turns around and knees you in the gut.

You gasp for air and then quickly you receive a punch, a kick and then a ball of energy and you go crashing hard into the ground. Your gasping for air as your trying to get up and then quickly you get a hit with a car. She quickly u. Live Young Justice Quiz 2. Prev 1 2 3 Next. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Add Media. Style Skin:. Upload Files. Featured Literature Canary and the Bat Chapter 1 Something shiny and black goes whizzing past your head into the person you are chasing.

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