I get to see [partner] Susan [Mikula]who is patient enough to put up with me. Without her, I might not be able to get out of bed on Monday morning. Here are some of our favorite bits from the Playboy interview. I get a lot of it, but it has always been the same percentage of negative to positive.

The first media job I ever had was in and I was the lesbian newsgirl sidekick, and part of the shtick was that I was gay and looked like a dyke. That offended some people. Then I moved to my own show in Northampton, Massachusetts. That was Big Breakfast. It was the same thing. Then I got to Air America and had a national platform, and again it was the exact same proportion. Fortunately NBC security is really good. I was a freshman and very cocky and had incredible self-regard, as all good year-olds do.

I was just figuring it out. There were very few openly lesbian students. Once I was sure, I quickly realized that I did not want rachel maddow nackt bilder xxx be a closeted person—that that was a weak place to be. The point is, I stopped thinking of myself as broken when it occurred to me that I might rachel maddow nackt bilder xxx not be just a failed heterosexual.

I might be this other thing. It was sort of an abstract concept. Read the rest of the interview at Playboy. Skip to content. Share on Facebook Share.

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