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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site elder scrolls iv oblivion sex without javascript, it will elder scrolls iv oblivion sex better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. After all the Champion of Cyrodiil has gone through, is guarding Emperor Martin Septim as he rules of Tamriel too much?

Will she be able to keep him safe from potential threats, or will obsession and paranoia get the better of her? A series of drabbles loosely strung together with something resembling a plot.

Featuring my disaster! Set roughly in the same universe version as Avoiding the Emperor a few divergencieswell into the Main Questline.

What does it take to love a cold-blooded murderer? How long does it take before the Lover turns to evil too? HoK returns sexklubb i oslo norsk gratis porno Cloud Ruler to find Martin injured. The Blades are in a tizzy, Baurus at his wit's end. Can the HoK discover what the hell, how the hell, and most importantly, why the hell before the situation degenerates further? After being framed for murder, Louen of Daggerfall fled to Cyrodiil only to be thrown in prison upon arrival in the Imperial City.

While there his fate takes a turn when the Emperor entrusts him with a task: deliver the Amulet of Kings, find the lost heir and thai trollhattan escorts in stockholm shut the jaws of Oblivion.

In the two years following the Emperor's assassination, Nimileth has failed to bring the Amulet of Kings to Elder scrolls iv oblivion sex Priory. How could such a nefarious hobby feel so natural?

Emperor Raymond Septim is dead. His only surviving son, and the last line of defense for the Cyrodilic Empire, is a bard in the city of Kvatch. Martin feels useless, trapped in Cloud Ruler Temple.

HoK is feeling their mortality, and how little they matter in the grand scheme. Everyone is tired and at the end of their tethers. This results in explosions.

In order to keep the members of elder scrolls iv oblivion sex Dark Brotherhood in contact with one another, Speaker Terenus creates a group chat and invites several…distinct individuals to join, although may be in over his head.

Martin wakes up in the middle of Skyrim, two hundred years after he sacrificed himself to call upon the Avatar of Akatosh. It seems that even after all he has done, the gods aren't done with him yet. I have,, too many fics and so many ideas elder scrolls iv oblivion sex I will release this ideas into the world so yall can view them. Straag Rod is a tale that incorporates, interprets, reinterprets, and adds to the extensive elder scrolls iv oblivion sex of the Elderscrolls Universe and elder scrolls iv oblivion sex a result, it often refers to events throughout elder scrolls iv oblivion sex the Eras.

In addition, to supplement the storytelling, various appendeces will be posted including author-written lore books, poetry, and timelines that put events of the story in context.

I have been writing this fanfiction off and on since about and have posted it in multiple locations. I'm embarking on a rewrite of the text to address issues I had with it's initial draft and a good friend pointed mass effect samantha traynor porno here. Her character will eventually make it into the narrative. I hope you enjoy.

Shalae Caemor thought that being a vampire would be the highlight of her life never mind being an arch mage, why bother when you can't do necromancy. When Elder scrolls iv oblivion sex Lachance happens to stop by Frostcrag spire with an offer, can she refuse?

Is refusing even an option she'd like to entertain at this point? Janus Hassildor shies away from the limit- Vicente Valtieri pushes the envelope. What happens when they take it too far? Locked away within the cursed and fractured mind of Grandfather Ulpo is the secret to achieving a power few in Tamriel's history can even imagine.

When a moment of lucidity reveals his true ability, he is spirited away by his faithful student and granddaughter, Ysadette, to rescue his imprisoned psyche as they flee both Cyrodiil and the Thalmor.

Meanwhile, the deadliest swordsman in the Fourth Era - a living legend known across the Empire as The Phantom of Bravil - follows close behind. A trail of broken promises left in his wake, his sole aim becomes to right every wrong he's ever made before he loses his chance forever.

Unbeknownst to all, Daedric powers are at play, tugging on the threads that tie their fates together. The Game has begun, and only the sharpest of wits can claim victory. Trapped inside an inn during a blizzard, a bard tells a curious young child the story behind a song about the ghost of a woman who lost her love. Years later, the still very curious Dragonborn finds out the truth.

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