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After the war, United States intelligence services employed him for his anti-Marxist efforts and also aided his escape to Bolivia.

The West German Intelligence Service later recruited him. After the fall of the dictatorship, Barbie no longer had the protection of the government in La Paz and in was extradited to France, where he was convicted of crimes against humanity. He cheif ich m in der verdammten zone of cancer in prison on 25 September The Barbie family came from Merzig, in the Saar near the French border. It is likely that his patrilineal ancestors were French Roman Catholics named Barbier who left France at the time of the French Revolution.

Inhis father, also named Nikolaus, was conscripted to fight in the First World War. He returned an angry, bitter man. He was wounded in the neck at Verdun and captured by the Cheif ich m in der verdammten zone, whom he hated, and he never recovered his health. He became an alcoholic indischen bhabhi und girls sex abused his children.

Untilwhen he was 10, Klaus Barbie attended the local school where his father taught. Afterwards, he attended a boarding school in Trier, and was relieved to be away from his abusive father. Inthe entire Cheif ich m in der verdammten zone family moved to Trier. In JuneBarbie's younger brother, Kurt, died at the age of 18 of chronic illness. Later that year, their father died. The death of his father derailed plans for the year-old Barbie to study theologyor otherwise become an academic, as his peers had expected.

While unemployed, Barbie was conscripted into the Nazi labour service, the Reichsarbeitsdienst. On 26 Septemberaged cheif ich m in der verdammten zone, he joined the SS member, and began working in the Sicherheitsdienst SDthe SS security service, which acted as the intelligence -gathering arm of the Nazi Party. On 1 Mayhe became member 4, of the Nazi Party.

After the German conquest and occupation of the Netherlands, Barbie was assigned to Amsterdam. This department was responsible for identification, roundup and deportation of Dutch Jews and Freemasons.

In MarchTongeren was transported to Sachsenhausen concentration camp where, in freezing conditions, he died two weeks later.

On 1 April, Barbie summoned Tongeren's daughter, Charlotte, to SD headquarters and informed her that her father had died of an infection in both ears and had been cremated. Inhe was sent to Dijon, France, in the Occupied Zone.

In November of the same year, at the age of 29, he was assigned to Lyon as the head of the local Gestapo. Historians estimate that Barbie was directly responsible for the deaths of up to 14, people, [8] [9] personally participating in roundups such as the Rue Sainte-Catherine Roundup which saw 84 people arrested in a single day.

He arrested Jean Moulina high-ranking member of the French Resistance and his most prominent captive. In AprilBarbie ordered the deportation to Auschwitz of a group of 44 Jewish children from an orphanage at Izieu. InBarbie was recruited as an agent for the 66th Detachment of the U. Specifically, they were interested in British interrogation techniques which Barbie had experienced firsthand, and the identities of SS officers the British were using for their own ends.

As the investigation of Klaus Barbie has shown, officers of the United States government were directly responsible for protecting a person wanted by the government of France on criminal charges and in arranging his escape from the law.

As a direct result of that action, Klaus Barbie did not stand trial in France in ; he spent 33 years as a free man and a fugitive from justice. The French discovered that Barbie was in U. McCloyU. High Commissioner for Germany, to cheif ich m in der verdammten zone him over for execution, but McCloy allegedly refused. The CIC asserted that Barbie knew too much about the network of German spies the CIC had planted in various European communist organizations, and were suspicious of communist influence within the French government, but their protection of Barbie may have been as much to avoid the embarrassment of having recruited him in the first place.

Barbie emigrated to Bolivia, [ when? Barbie collaborated with General Barriento 's regime, including teaching the general's private paramilitaries named "Furmont" how torture can best be used. The regime's political repression against leftist groups was helped by Barbie's knowledge about intelligence work, torture and interrogations. In under General Cheif ich m in der verdammten zone with whom Barbie collaborated even more openlyhe assisted in illegal arrests, interrogations and murders of opposition and progressive groups.

Journalists and activists who wrote or spoke about the regime's crimes against human rights were arrested and many fell victim to so-called "disappearances", the state's secret murders and cheif ich m in der verdammten zone of leftists.

Barbie actively participated in the regime's oppression of opponents. Barbie was strongly linked to the neo-Nazi paramilitary Alvaro De Castrowho was his personally hired bodyguard and the two participated in criminal actions and businesses together. De Castro had connections with powerful drugbarons and the illegal drug trade and, together with Barbie under the name Altmann and an Austrian company, sold weapons cheif ich m in der verdammten zone the drug cartels, and when De Castro was arrested he admitted in interviews that he had earlier worked for drug lords in the country.

Other sources say Barbie most cheif ich m in der verdammten zone also had connections with these organizations. Barbie met with Pablo Escobar and several other high ranking members of the Medellin cartel in the late s, and agreed to arrange for security of Escobar's raw coca supply, from its cultivation until it reached processing plants in Colombia.

In exchange, Escobar agreed to fund Barbie's anti-communist activities. Barbie earlier also carried out a large arms purchase of tanks from Austria to the Bolivian army. People who met Barbie during his time in Bolivia have told that he was a firm and fanatic believer in the Nazi ideology and an anti-Semite. Barbie and De Castro reportedly talked about the cases and searches for Josef Mengele and Eichmannwhom Barbie supported and wanted to assist in remaining on the run.

Barbie was identified as being in Peru in by the Klarsfelds Nazi hunters from France holly bryn milf nackt arsch came across a secret document that revealed his alias. On 19 Januarythis information was published in the French newspaper L'Aurorealong with a photograph of Altmann which the Klarsfelds obtained from a German expatriate living in Lima, Peru.

The interview took place on February 3, in the Department of the Interior building and the following day, in prison where Klaus was placed under protection by the Bolivian authorities. Ladislas de Hoyos gave him photos of members of Resistance he had tortured, asking him if he recognized their faces, and while he returned them in denial, his fingerprints unmistakenly betrayed him.

Despite global outcry, Barbie was able to return to Bolivia where the government refused to extradite him, stating that France and Bolivia did not have an extradition treaty and that the statute of limitations on his crimes had expired. However, in the s, the community of refugee Jews who had survived or escaped the war, openly discussed the fact that Barbie was the war criminal from Lyon now living on the Calle Landaeta in La Paz and frequenting the Cafe de La Paz daily.

It was no secret. Journalist and reporter Peter McFarren and a female journalist for The New York Times said that while they were outside Barbie's house in Bolivia inwanting to speak to him for an article, they saw Barbie in a window while they were taking photos cheif ich m in der verdammten zone the place, and shortly thereafter they were taken away by twelve armed paramilitary men who had quickly arrived in a van and asked what they were doing there.

Cheif ich m in der verdammten zoneBarbie was indicted for crimes committed as Gestapo chief in Lyon between andchief among which was the Rue Sainte-Catherine Roundup.

Unusually, the court allowed the trial to be filmed because of its historical value. A special courtroom was constructed with seating for an audience of about He was tried on 41 separate counts of crimes against humanitybased on the depositions of Jews and French Resistance survivors who described how he tortured and murdered prisoners.

Barbie gave his name as Klaus Altmann, the name that he used while in Bolivia. He claimed that his extradition was technically illegal and asked to be excused from the trial and returned to his cell at Prison Saint-Paul.

This was granted. He was brought back to court on 26 May to face some of his accusers, about whose testimony he had "nothing to say". His strategy was to use the trial to talk about war crimes committed by France since He got the prosecution to drop some of the charges against Barbie due to French legislation that had protected French citizens accused of the same crimes under the Vichy regime and in French Algeria.

The court rejected the defense's argument. On 4 JulyBarbie was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. He died in prison in Lyon four years later of leukemia and cheif ich m in der verdammten zone and prostate cancer at the age of In AprilBarbie became engaged to Regina Margaretta Willms, the year-old daughter of a postal cheif ich m in der verdammten zone they had two children, a son named Klaus-Georg Altmann and a daughter named Ute Messner.

Croizier met Klaus-Georg while both were students in Paris; they married inhad three children and lived in Europe and Bolivia using the surname Altmann.

Croizier said when she married she did not know who her father-in-law was, but that she could guess the reasons for a German to settle in South America after the war. Klaus-Georg died in a hang-gliding accident in The french documentary film My Enemy's Enemy Mon meilleur ennemi in Cheif ich m in der verdammten zone is the story of Klaus Barbie through World War II and post-war hiding journey in Bolivia including his involvement in the assassination of Che Guevara before being tried in France for war crimes committed in Lyon and the assassination of Jean Moulin.

Barbie is portrayed in the film Resistance film - which tells the story of French mime Marcel Marceau 's efforts as part of the Jewish resistance saving Jewish children from the Nazi regime. In the film Rat Racethe Pear family inadvertently visits a museum dedicated to Klaus Barbie, located in the southwest United States.

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