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Her midnight blue hair hung half behind her head, and half draped behind her ear, from which it cascaded down to flow over her right shoulder and rest softly on the bed. Naruto found the image to be extremely attractive, especially because Hinata was blushing ever so teeny tiny titten, milf bild — a light splash of pink across her dainty cheekbones suited her well.

Even though she was blushing, her body language told him that she was confident in her body. That suited her well too, because Naruto knew exactly what she was capable of.

That alone nearly sent him lunging at her. He placed his right hand on the smooth bed sheet and put the majority of his weight down onto it briefly as he slid onto his bed to join Hinata. It was a quiet day in Konoha. The birds chirping, the streets unusually silent. It was at least half as busy as it normally was.

The only distinctive noise was that of Naruto, and his time at the Ichiraku ramen shop. He was leaned over the counter, yelling. His usual orange jumpsuit was put on scraggly, as if he was in a hurry. His fur, a lighter shade of orange, complimented it perfectly. He had a white underbelly and the token headband of the Leaf Village. His tab was overdue, and he was angry. Posted on February 1, by Naruto Hentai. Hentai Picture: This red-haired is certainly in the mood to attempt some jaw-dropping jutsu right now!

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com komik Skip to sunado kilerbi xxx. com komik. Cancel reply. This red-haired is certainly in the mood to attempt some jaw-dropping jutsu right now! Hinata like titjob fun Posted on December 1, by Naruto Hentai.

Mabui looks pretty sizzling when bare! Posted on August 1, by Naruto Hentai. Naruto Hentai. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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