As I feel that Broly, the main villain of three movies, needs his own page. He is also on many video games, and has a large fan base. That was meby the way. Does he really need his son goku entry on the page? Son goku only appears for a few minutes in the last episode of GT, and he doesn't even have a name in the Japanese version.

Other Saiyans appeared as briefly as he did son goku the series, so why don't they get entries too? Takuthehedgehog13 September UTC. I removed the following information; "It has been stated by Vegeta that he was an average fighter but a brilliant scientist and he was the one that created the power to create an artificial moon to cause the Oozara transformation.

Since it's not canon, I don't believe it belongs here. Ark15 September UTC. The sentence "the ultimate saiyan hes died a lot but is still awesome" seems a bit off for the wiki, but I can't seem to find it in the edit window.

Woman adult date in tiraspol somebody make that less Nevermind, somebody got it. Good work. Say, i got an idea, lets all merge the wikipedia articles together into one called " List of Former articles on Wikipedia!

PSthat was sarcasm. Ooo, look! You figured out how to use colons! I couldn't be more proud! I'm gonna watch you bleed! Rather than Broccoli, the pun seems to lean towards "umbrella"; where a slang term for umbrella is son goku "brolly". I changed it. Guys, shouldn't Broly get his own article? Largoss talk26 March UTC. Broly should get his own article! It IS clear why: the fusion dance merges personalities as well as power.

The cockiness comes from Trunks personality, die sex mit pan the inattentiveness comes from Goten's personality. It seems like the people writing these notes haven't seen any of the shows. I'm changing it because there is no reason that this son goku should son goku up fooling people into believing the wrong son goku. Also, Gotenks was seen in the Dragonball Z Movie Wrath of the Dragon, where he attack Herudigarn I probably spelled that wrong and was knocked out of his fused state less than five minutes later.

I read die sex mit pan that Akira Toriyama himself had said that Turles was basically supposed to be a "If Goku hadn't become a good guy"-character, hence is similar appearance. Takeshi talk4 February UTC. Son goku King Vegeta be sorted by the letter 'V' instead of the letter 'K'? I mean, yes, he was in a very dire predicament when he yelled "Kakarot!

Son goku mean, he most likely was more shouting his name out of anger for being defeated by him. Broly was not screaming out for his help, he die sex mit pan angry for goku getting ready to son goku him so he screamed out his name, god broly is f-cking evil, why the hell would he ask for help from someone he hated?

I know he wasn't. I only asked this because someone previously edited it to say that he was screaming for Goku's help. This is inacurate information, Goku jr. Specificly after she has a heart attack and lands herself in the hospitol. Son Goku Jr. I think this son goku should be deleted, it has nothing to do with dragon ball z, he is not a dragon ball z character. The King calls miley cyrus celeb fake porno Zorn. Shouldn't we add a section for him in this article?

Please Reconsider. Watch this video and maybe you'll have second thoughts. Could we add Shugesh and Borgos, the other two members of Bardock's team. About the edit Sesshomaru reverted; I believe it could be verified. Within Daizenshuu EX there is an anime filler guide with full episode summeries alongside panels from the manga. It can be used to verify the reverted statements. Is it worth including? Personally, I think it would be an improvement. Could someone tell me?

I removed the information on Future Gohan after I discovered it was copied and son goku from the main article on Son Gohanwhich is linked to from this page. Just trying to explain my rationale in more detail than I did in the edit summary.

I hope I did the die sex mit pan thing. All of the other lists of characters are free to edit, so why is this one blocked?! Why aren't Totepo and Panbukin listed here? They should be like Seripa and Toma die sex mit pan well. Someone should add them. I'd do it myself, but I'm an anomynous user. Those that must remain removed from the page in order to avoid heavy favoritism based on the consensus set forth by TTN, 3bulletproof16, Sesshomaru, and Sephiroth on the extraterrestrials talk page, which I have noted, are as follows:.

If there are others that need to be removed, please feel free to note them here. I thought I mentioned prior that there would be a heavy amount of favoritism when it came to the likes of Bardock. The fact that he only appears in one movie is important. I believe he should be removed in order to follow the same consensus I believe his inclusion is seriously debatable. The same goes for Broly. I think he is also a limited character. His appearance in only 3 movies should be noted.

Any thoughts? Just a side note, we don't use canon anymore. Any DB related article should stray as far from any mention of canon or non-canon as possible. Let amateur madchen von nebenan tumblr son goku re-iterate because I know Son goku said this somewhere before that the character list was trimmed to get it below the kilobyte range that oh-so-often slows people's browsers.

Certain people's sections son goku deleted for various reasons, but the main reason for most of it was that certain people had no over all effect on the plot. It has nothing to do with air time, die sex mit pan nothing to do with how much you can write about someone. Personally, I wouldn't refuse a request to put Gogeta's section back in, but the others are best left un-metnioned.

What the hell happened to his entry? Andyfth son goku30 June UTC. I believe that if these pages so no notability, they should be added to the List of Saiyans. Anyone agree? Counter proposal : I agree with Pan's merge. Regarding Trunks, I suggest son goku trim of both the "present" and the "future" Trunkses and merge them together under "Trunks Dragon Ball ", beginning with thaimassage soderort eskort tjejer i goteborg Future Trunks which appeared first, and is more important in the plotand then a section for the present Trunks, and obviously keep that article.

I also suggest to keep Goten's article. I definitely agree that Pan isn't important enough to have her own page and maybe Goten and Trunks too, but Future Trunks does deserve his own article in my opinion.

This is one such case - maybe notability guidelines state that some articles should be merged though notability is highly opinion based in die sex mit pan lot of cases, so it's hard to make son goku fair judgement.

But in my opinion merging them would not improve them, or WikiProject Dragon Ball's corner of Wikipedia. It's just one of those times where policy cannot always be used as a guide because there are some situations where it is detrimental to the project if it is followed exactly.

Question: I was awfully confused when I die sex mit pan Wikipedia wondering who Tullece was, and got a redirect to a page that didn't even mention him. Should such redirects be changed to just dead-ends deleting the article entirelyor would that encourage people to son goku an article for them once more? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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