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  1. After rescuing the slaves, including Kenobi and Rex, Koon's men destroyed the facility.

  2. After concentrating, Tano could not figure out the identity of who hired Sing, but gave a few details about the who it may be.

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Ever since Hot Toys announced it was developing action figures based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars with Captain Rex, we were waiting for the hero we all wanted to see captured in that uncannily good style: Ahsoka Tano, former Knight of the Old RepublicAgent of the Rebellion, and forever queen of our Star Wars hearts.

Aside from being exactly what you want, Ahsoka comes with a few accessories that are likewise inspired by the final season of Clone Wars. Aside from the usual alternate hands for posing, Ahsoka comes with the lightsabers Anakin gifts her in their final meeting well, before, you know, the other final meeting —which have both detachable regular blades and special effects pieces to replicate her swinging them around.

She also has a thermal detonator and a small holoprojector that comes with swappable figurines of Yoda, Anakin, and Obi-Wan. Anyway, speaking of those Clones, Hot Toys also revealed a separate nd Clone to go with or, err, against Ahsoka. Available in both standard and deluxe versions, the trooper is actually a st legion Clone. The standard trooper comes two blasters—the DCA blaster rifle star wars clone wars ahsoka tano the DCS blaster carbine—and a rocket launcher, and a jetpack with special effects pieces.

The deluxe version comes with all that, an extra weapon in the form of a rotary cannon, a backpack, and two swappable helmets. Anakin and Rex slicing off a detachment of the Legion and giving them new, Ahsoka-themed helmets star wars clone wars ahsoka tano help free hardcore fuck big tits and Bo-Katan lay siege to Mandalore.

So you, know, they can either be good soldiers. Or they can be good soldiers who follow orders. You will be though, if you want your hands on them. James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man! Sorry but she does not look like Ashley Eckstein. She does, however, bear a resemblance to Star wars clone wars ahsoka tano Dawson.

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