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What are you doing for spring break ? My plans include lying around my house wearing youtube mtv spring break bikini while I scroll through Instagram and enviously double tap everyone's beach pics. It's fine, I'm not bitter. But back in the early aughts, spring break was so much more than an opportunity for FOMO-inducing Instagram content.

It was a giant party that went down in Cancun every year hosted by the one and only MTV. It was youtube mtv spring break bikini the best of times and the most questionable of times.

Um, as well youtube mtv spring break bikini in these completely harrowing photos. Please be prepared because some of the fashion you're about to see may cause irreparable damage to your eyeballs.

Hello, where can I get a star-shaped rhinestone belly button decal? Asking for a friend who has my same name, thx. I have many questions, including but not limited to when will knee pockets become a thing again?

Because I'd like to make sure it's not in my lifetime. Based on the historical evidence that is this photo, was truly a great time for denim. Its personal brand has never been stronger.

I'd like to interrupt our scheduled Bey content to take a moment of silence for Enrique Iglesias' pants. Praying he unzipped the lower half at some point and put these things out of their misery.

Is that Gonna assume they have MTV to thank for their entire relationship. Wow, what a totally useful and not at all function-less belt Carmen Brunette gefickt in den twat is wearing!

You love to see it! Sorry, I need another youtube mtv spring break bikini at this outfit in an attempt to understand its intended habitat—the beach? The mall? A rodeo? Nope, sorry, still confused, moving on! Also, let's take a moment to acknowledge Tyrese feeling himself on the dance floor. Love him in linen. Remember when Carson Daly was the host of literally every single show? Yeah, me neither, it's fine. If I learned one thing from Dream's Spring Break performance in '01, it's that wrapping your arm in a random piece of plaid fabric was socially acceptable, nay, encouraged.

I know you're currently like " what is a shifty shellshock" so please be advised he's a member of the band Crazy Town and his nipples appear to be pierced with a safety pin. That's all. I don't know if it's the torn-to-shreds fabric or the inexplicable mesh, but to be completely frank I'm very concerned about how unimpressed everyone in the background of this photo looks. I MEAN! Rare photo of 50 Cent being attacked by a bunch of streamers furious at him for forgetting his shirt.

No words, just dhsajkdhsjkakkadjsakdhsja. I'm gonna need a minute to come down from this one. Um, if this was what was like, we all need to go back immediately because the picture evidence is flawless.

Oh look, Mandy Moore's back and she's wearing the most confusing tank top that's ever been made. Imagine the tan lines. Wait, sorry, take it back. Didn't realize was secretly all about tank youtube mtv spring break bikini made out of string. Help save lives. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Your Horoscope for the Week of September 6th. Getty Images. Carmen Electra: Sisqo, Pink, and Tyrese: Destiny's Child: Rebecca Romijn and Destiny's Child: Enrique Iglesias: Jay-Z: Eminem: Dre: Carmen Electra and Ja Rule: Carmen Electra and Tyrese: Tyrese: Carson Daly: Dream: Eve: Tag yourself, I'm the white guy in the first row looking adoringly youtube mtv spring break bikini Eve because she's perfect.

Jessica Simpson: Shifty Shellshock and Carson Daly: Molly Sims: Ashanti: The ice blue eye shadow? The shiny lip gloss? This is legit encapsulated in one picture. Kelly and Jack Osbourne: Kylie Minogue: Mandy Moore: Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini: Missy Elliott: Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul: Sum Advertisement - Continue Youtube mtv spring break bikini Below.

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