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O Brother, Where Art Thou? The film is set in rural Mississippi during the Great Depression. Its story is a modern satire loosely based on Homer 's epic Greek kann man am river bottom boys The Odyssey that incorporates mythology from the American South. Much of the music used in the film is period folk music[9] including that of Virginia bluegrass singer Ralph Stanley. Three convicts, Ulysses Everett McGill, Pete Hogwallop, and Delmar O'Donnell, escape from a chain gang and set out to retrieve a supposed treasure Everett buried before the area is flooded to make a lake.

The three get a lift from a blind man driving a handcar on a railway. He tells them, among other prophecies, that they will find a fortune but not the one they seek. The trio make their way to the house of Wash, Pete's cousin. They sleep in the barn, but Wash reports them to Sheriff Cooley, who, along with his men, torches the barn. Wash's son helps them escape. They pick up Tommy Johnson, a young black man, who claims he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to play guitar.

In need of money, the four stop at a radio broadcast tower where they record a song as The Soggy Bottom Boys. That night, the trio part ways with Tommy after their car is discovered by the police. Unbeknownst to them, the recording becomes a major hit. Near a river, the group hears singing. They see three women washing clothes and singing. The women drug them with corn whiskey and they lose enge muschi gefullt mit hahn. Upon waking, Delmar finds Pete's clothes lying next to him, empty except for a toad.

Delmar is convinced the women were Sirens and transformed Pete into the toad. Later, one-eyed Bible salesman Big Dan Teague invites them for a picnic lunch, then mugs them and kills the toad. Everett and Delmar arrive in Everett's home town. Everett confronts his wife Penny, who changed her last name busty single asian women dating told his daughters he was dead.

He gets into a fight with Vernon T. Waldrip, her new "suitor. Later that night, they sneak into Pete's holding cell and free him. As it turns out, the women had dragged Pete away and turned him in to the authorities. Under torture, Pete gave away the treasure's location to the police.

Everett then confesses that there is no treasure. He made it up to convince the guys he was chained with to escape with him in order to stop his wife from getting married. Pete is enraged at Everett, because he had two weeks left on his original sentence, and must serve fifty more years for the escape. The trio stumble upon universitat von miami girls sex rally of the Ku Klux Klanwho are planning to hang Tommy.

The trio disguise themselves as Klansmen and attempt to rescue Tommy. However, Big Dan, a Klan kann man am river bottom boys, reveals their identities. Chaos ensues, and the Grand Wizard reveals himself as Homer Stokes, a candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

The trio rush Tommy away and cut the supports of a large burning cross, leaving it to fall on Big Dan. Everett convinces Pete, Delmar and Tommy to help him win his wife back. They sneak into a Stokes campaign gala dinner she is attending, disguised as musicians. The group begins a performance of their radio hit. The crowd recognizes the song and goes wild. Homer recognizes them as the group who humiliated his mob.

When he demands the group be arrested and reveals his white supremacist views, the crowd runs him out of town on a rail. Pappy O'Daniel, the incumbent candidate, seizes the opportunity, endorses the Soggy Bottom Boys and grants them full pardons. Penny agrees to marry Everett with the condition that he find her original ring. The next morning, the group sets out to retrieve the ring, which is at a cabin in the valley kann man am river bottom boys Everett had earlier claimed was the location of his treasure.

The police, having learned of the place from Pete, arrest the group. Dismissing their claims of having received pardons, Sheriff Cooley orders them hanged. Just as Everett prays to God, the valley is flooded and they are saved. Tommy finds the ring in a desk that floats by, and they return to town. However, when Everett presents the ring to Penny, it turns out it was not her ring, she doesn't want that one, and she can't remember where she put the real ring.

Gillian Welchwho contributed to the soundtrack, appears as a record store customer asking for a copy of the Soggy Bottom Boys' record. Work on the script began in Decemberlong before the start of production, and was at least half-written by May Despite the fact that Ethan Coen described the Odyssey as "one of my favorite storyline schemes", neither of the brothers had read the epic, and they were only familiar with its content through adaptations and numerous references to the Odyssey in popular culture.

The title of the film is a reference to the Preston Sturges film Sullivan's Travelsin which the protagonist a director wants to direct a film about the Great Depression called O Brother, Where Art Thou? Lacking any experience in this area, the director sets out on a journey to experience the human suffering of the average man but is sabotaged by his anxious studio. The film has some similarity in tone to Sturges's film, including scenes with prison gangs and a black church choir.

The prisoners at the kann man am river bottom boys show scene is also a direct homage to a nearly identical scene in Sturges's film. Joel Coen revealed in a interview that he traveled to Phoenix to offer the lead role to Clooney.

Clooney agreed to do the role immediately, without reading the script. He stated that he liked even the Coens' least successful films. This was the fourth film of the brothers in which John Turturro has starred. The Coens used digital color correction to give the kann man am river bottom boys a sepia -tinted look.

They wanted it to look like an old hand-tinted picture, with the intensity of colors dictated by the scene and natural skin tones that were all shades of the rainbow. This was the fifth film collaboration between the Coen Brothers and Deakins, and it was slated to be shot in Mississippi at a time of year when the foliage, grass, trees, and bushes would be a lush green.

A major theme of the film is the connection between old-time music and political campaigning in the Southern U. It makes reference to the traditions, institutions, and campaign practices of bossism and political reform that defined Southern politics in the first half of the 20th century. The Ku Klux Klan, at the time a political force of white populismis depicted burning crosses and engaging in ceremonial dance.

Senator from that state. Lee O'Daniel was in the flour business, and used a backing band called the Light Crust Doughboys on his radio show. Lee O'Daniel carried a broom, an oft-used campaign device in the reform era, promising to sweep away patronage and corruption.

While the film borrows from historical politics, differences are obvious between the characters in the film and historical political figures. The O'Daniel of the movie used " You Are My Sunshine " as his theme song which was originally recorded by singer and Governor of Louisiana James Houston "Jimmie" Davis [33]and Homer Stokes, as the challenger to the incumbent O'Daniel, portrays himself as the "reform candidate", using a broom as a prop.

Music was originally conceived as a major component of the film, not merely as a background or a support. Producer and musician T Bone Burnett worked with the Coens while the script was still in its working phases and the soundtrack was recorded before filming commenced. Much of the music used in the film is kann man am river bottom boys folk music, [9] including that of Virginia bluegrass singer Ralph Stanley.

Selected songs in the film reflect the possible spectrum of musical styles typical of the old culture of the American South: gospel, delta bluescountryswing and bluegrass. Two kann man am river bottom boys the variations feature the verses being sung back-to-back, and the other three variations feature additional music between each verse.

Roger Ebert gave two and a half out low cut shirt boob pics four stars to the film, saying all the scenes in the film were "wonderful in their different ways, and yet I left the movie uncertain and unsatisfied". The film was selected into the main competition of the Cannes Film Festival. The Soggy Bottom Boys are the fictional musical group that the main characters form to serve as accompaniment for the film.

The band's hit single is Dick Burnett 's " Man of Constant Sorrow ", a song that had enjoyed much success prior to the movie's release. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Roderick Jaynes [a] Tricia Cooke. Release date. Running time. United States [2] United Kingdom [2] France [2]. The Numbers. Retrieved October 19, American Film Institute.

Archived from the original on December 20, Retrieved January 24, British Film Institute. Retrieved October 17, Festival de Kann man am river bottom boys. Retrieved October 10, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved January 8, A companion to the literature and culture of kann man am river bottom boys American south. April 5,

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