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All season long, Stephanie has rubbed viewers the wrong way with her dishonesty and pettiness toward her girlfriend Erika Owens. As the franchise's first LGBTQ couplemany think their story wasn't an accurate representation of a bi-sexual couple. First, there was the awkward first kiss scene that felt more like a soft-core adult film than a reality TV show, which many fans thought that it was overly sexualized fu?ball fans lesbian kiss sexy it was the first lesbian kiss of the franchise.

While the other straight couples' kisses are usually accompanied by sentimental music, the production put cheesy music that left fans feeling strange. Throughout the season, there have been many red-flags shown in their relationship.

Though their trip was short, they've struggled with jealousy, intimacy, and past traumas. Stephanie tried to tell her mother she is bisexualfu?ball fans lesbian kiss sexy a second fu?ball fans lesbian kiss sexy, via a video chat call, but chickened out at the last minute.

Erika, who had just come out to her own parentswas obviously disapointed with Stephanie's inability to recognize the relationship for what it is. The phone call led to Erika talking about hot blonde milf diamant foxx hahn saugen she didn't feel comfortable being kept a secret. She then revealed that she had been in a year-long on-again-off-again relationship with a woman previously, who fu?ball fans lesbian kiss sexy kept her a secret and she explained that she doesn't want this relationship to be a repeat.

This confession led to Stephanie smashing a glass bowl to the ground before she stormed off, leaving Erika confused as to what happened. Fans found it easy to empathize with Erikaespecially after she opened up to Stephanie.

While Stephanie seemed to care less about getting to know her new girlfriend and only wanted to think about her feelings. Many believe that the Yonkers native is not being genuine about her sexuality but just wanted to see herself on TV. It seemed like fu?ball fans lesbian kiss sexy were hints pointing to this, such as her telling cameras that she didn't want to jeopardize her relationship with her mom by telling her that she's dating Erika.

It seems like either Stepahnie isn't really being honest with her sexuality or is playing it up for viewers. While this season is coming to an end, most TLC fans feel the network missed the mark with Stephanie and Erika but also the rest of their cast. Hopefully, the casting directors can properly research the upcoming reality Fu?ball fans lesbian kiss sexy stars before they end up on the screen.

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