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The series was followed in Tech Gian by it's prequel, Bernhard im Schatten. Their orders are given the topmost priority, such that it is common practice for the th to ignore allied distress calls that will result in deviation from mgrsc.

ru schwarze madchen mapale original mission, even if only for a short moment. The ringleader was Katia's father. Schwarzesmarken was originally published in Tech Gian magazine and later compiled into seven light novel volumes. A VN adaptation of the story was confirmed by age to be in mgrsc. ru schwarze madchen mapale, with an expected release date of late In MayAge announced that the VN will be split into 2 parts.

A twelve episode anime adaptation of Katia's route from the second visual novel was produced by ixtl and Liden Films and aired from January to March While praised for being a tight production despite its modest budget and time limitations, being agreed upon hot blonde milf diamant foxx hahn saugen many fans to be better paced and directed than Total Eclipsethe anime still drew controversy for its deviations, particularly those involving characterization and character arcs.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A decorated war hero of the Poland retreat, called "The Ice Queen" by some due to her cold personality. Katia Waldheim A young girl mgrsc. ru schwarze madchen mapale snuck into East Germany to find out what happened to her family.

Her boundless optimism and idealism is both her greatest strength and weakness. Lise Hohenstein Theodor's adoptive younger sister, who he has not seen since they were both captured by the Stasi. Gretel Jeckeln Commissar attached to the th. Her average piloting skills are a sharp contrast to her fervor for following Party rhetoric. Anett Hosenfeld A pilot and designated close-combat specialist of the th afflicted with severe PTSD after losing all her former friends to combat; she initially blames their deaths mgrsc.

ru schwarze madchen mapale Theodore. Pham Thi Lan Serves as Irisdina's executive officer; a 2 nd generation immigrant of Vietnamese descent; often acts as an older sister mgrsc. ru schwarze madchen mapale other members of her squad. Inghild Bronikowski Annet's gentle best friend since childhood and the pilot Katia would replace after a fatal runin with a grappler.

Walter Kruger Irisdina's staff officer and acquaintance of Jurgen Bernhard; worked his way up from a non-commissioned rank. Acts as a mentor to his younger compatriots. Beatrix Brehme The overall main antagonist of Schwarzesmarken. Irisdina's former childhood friend, rival, and almost sister-in-law; now is her nemesis and leads the Stasi's Werewolf TSF battalion, and is the direct commander of its first squadron, the stin combat. Farka Murenkamp Lise's direct subordinate and wingman; has great respect and admiration for Lise Hohenstein.

Heinz Axmann Beatrix's direct commander and leader of the Berlin Faction within the government; a man who hides his intentions behind a mask of civility. Michael Sohne Axmann's fanatically-devoted right hand man. Erich Schmidt The chairman and commander of the Stasi. Also the deuteragonist of the Schwarzesmarken -related side story Steel Tombstone. Franz Heim One of Alfred Strachwitz's colleagues, who leads the Western Theatre Forces and later throws in his lot with the anti-Stasi rebellion; generally considered to be somewhat ineffectual and uncharismatic by his own admission.

Suzy Zap The ruthless leader of the partisans and one of its most zealous members; will use civilians to mask forces and executes prisoners; her hair fringe covers a scar inflicted by Axmann. Vivi Schweinsteiger A young, spirited girl who was starten sie ihre frau auf fisting into the infantry.

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