Those tasked with helping victims of crimes are committing crimes against the very people they are supposed to serve. Detective Juan Jimenez, 37, was charged at the end of September after he was babysitting his daughter and her friend and allegedly tried to kiss the girl and grabbed her buttocks, according to prosecutors. It appears to me that the judge should have dealt with this a bit more severely seeing that Jimenez actually investigates things like this.

The squad makes sure sexual predators provide updated pictures, phone numbers, emails and social media accounts. Jack Burns reminds us of the corruption in the New York Police Department and judicial system regarding the story of Anna Chambers, who was handcuffed in the back of a police car and raped by two NYPD police officers. Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, both NYPD officers received no jail time for allegedly handcuffing a teenager, placing her in the back of their unmarked police-issued van, while both officers raped her in the back of the van.

They said the act was consensual. Her lawyer relayed the broader implications. Michael David represented the teenager. Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez reportedly wanted to see the two ex-cops behind bars but again blamed the victim for having inconsistencies in neeked athiopischen porno bilder diskurs allegations.

Martins and Hall were initially charged with rape, nypd sex tater monitoring einheit assault, and kidnapping. However, nypd sex tater monitoring einheit March, those charges were reduced to official misconduct and accepting a bribe, a far cry from the forceful, unwelcome, and unwanted rape the wunderschone nackte babe pornstar pics xxx alleged took place.

In fact, she never recanted her story. Instead, she vehemently decried the rape which all started with Martins and Hall finding the teen in possession of marijuana. The two cops had sex with her, and then dropped her off about a block from the police station, never booking her on the possession charge. Your nypd sex tater monitoring einheit rape people and get away with it. Why would we think a cop who molested a year-old will ever spend a day in jail as a convicted sex offender?

Those targeting children in this manner should be dealt with swiftly and severely. Nothing else will be just. Tim Brown is an author and Editor at FreedomOutpost. He resides in the Nypd sex tater monitoring einheit. Follow Tim on Twitter. Skip to content Mon. Search for:. Released without bail?

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