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I am a freelance writer Canada Free Press, Romanian Conservativespeaker, and frequent radio commentator. Canada Free Press Archive under Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh contains numerous articles on political, economic, and social topics.

Short essays describe health care, education, poverty, social engineering, and confiscation of property, among other subjects. Versions in paperback and Kindle are available at Fkk jung und frei fkk boys. I am purchasing an emf meter. Sincerely, Michelle Moore. I am doing emf research for my family. I would sure appreciate it.

Sincerely Michelle Moore. Anomie and Immigration…an excellent analysis, even if a little long. Islam is anomie personified. Thank you for your article on Initium. I am from the Netherlands and was pointed to your article by a Romanian friend.

I read online that my country may be next in line starting to use Initium Enervin, Zampro. Can I perhaps ask you something? Google also Codex Alimentarius. You will find more leads. Many, many thanks for your essay exposing the cavalier, cynical and illegal granting and receipt of benefits intended for legal United States residents by illegal aliens. It makes me very angry. My parents and grand-parents emigrated from Hungary after the fkk jung und frei fkk boys world war and never asked anyone for anything except for the opportunity to benefit from their own honest hard work.

We learned the new language and culture and did not demand that every one and every thing else bend to accommodate our foreign language and culture, nor did we seek to get to the head of every line dispensing public benefits.

I and most other americans of whom many are themselves struggling financially deeply resent seeing illegal aliens receive free medical care, housing and grocery carts filled with expensive food that we ourselves cannot afford that liberal politicians and judges force me and my fellow tax-payers to provide. They ought not wonder why decent, hard-working, law-abiding citizens utterly despise them. Those who wish to create and validate their self-concepts and images as being humanitarians and philanthropists ought to do so honestly, with their own money and resources, not by confiscating and re-distributing the fruits of the labor of others.

Dear Ileana, Just read your article re the demise of America as we know it to paraphrase you. My sister and I sat in disbelief on election night as the returns came in. However, as we are striving to be Christians we just have to know that God is in control and has His hand on this great country and will not abandon us in spite of our open rejection fkk jung und frei fkk boys Him.

God will never abandon us. He created us and everything else so that we could have dominion over all on this earth, and for us to choose between heaven and hell. He has given us all we need to control our own outcome. We have fallen victim to the same sins that have plauged civilizations from the very beginning; greed, envy, lust, and unwillingness to love our neighbors as we do ourself, are leading to the destruction of what this country has sought for so many years lifetimes.

God will not solve our problems here on earth, only give us the ability to solve them ourselves, if we choose. I have read with great interest a lot of your articles over the summer and fall.

It occurs to me I do not know anything about you, i. Please comment about about your academic background. You have are addressed as Dr. Are you a medical doctor, a Ph. You also make reference to being an economist. Are you trained as an economist? You cover such a broad range of subjects, I would enjoy knowing more about you.

Thank-you for what you do. I fkk jung und frei fkk boys not surprised by the election results. Although it was not my desired outcome, in some way way I knew it would be the result.

Our Beloved Country has been on the wrong path for many years. I am 60 now, 5 yr survivor of ovarian cancer, my k was used up with medical expenses even though I had insurance from fkk jung und frei fkk boys. We were going to be independant of society and live far away from the throngs of moochers. Well over the past 6 years he has said he no longer liked the republicans and he swayed to the democrats.

I can not fathom his thoughts anymore. If not for writers as yourself I think I would be alone. But luckily I can get on FB and find people of like thought. Only half of them did. The other half, like me voted for MMR. And Sanity. We must stay strong and not give up. If the Lemmings still wish to jump off cliffs, after you showed them which way was safe, well then Good Riddance. They will find what awaits them.

We the Living fkk jung und frei fkk boys must do whatever we must do to correct this awful turn of events. It is impossible for this country to be productive under this regime of taxation so that unproductive folks can just continue to be more unproductive. The Little Red Hen worked so hard to grow her wheat and bake her bread, why must she feed the Lazy Ones who did naught but watch her work so hard.

Thank Goodness there are many others who feel the same way. We were just slightly surpassed at the voting polls. In 2 more years there will be another election.

Start NOW to make changes. According to Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, United States Supreme Court The Constitution died during Southern reconstruction. The Ideals of this nstion heart and soul died on November 6, It is a terrible thing to watch your country die.

Not dead, Dudley, just on life support, thanks to Obama and the delusional Progressives who support him. We are ripe, now, for a resurgence of Patriotism and back to the sanctity of the Constitution. Time will tell. Ileana, I have never read such unadulterated drivel and am in awe of your machine gun use of emotive unsubstantiated hyperbole that you pack into a sentence.

Ahh, my drivel. What makes you an expert, George Johnston? This is not a science paper, fkk jung und frei fkk boys is my website, I think, we still have freedom of speech, and therefore I can use any style I wish to express my opinion. You have the right to fkk jung und frei fkk boys wrong. Johnston, the U. Johnson about her ignorance about our country. She is trying to warn us but your mind is closed.

Ileana Johnson Paugh, We appreciate your directness in your articles and enjoy reading them very much. Thank you for your hard work. In your article The End of an Empire Nov 7, I believe you meant to say service members or Troops. When President Obama made this mistake in his public speaking it really upset my husband a former Marine.

Please remember this information your future writing. We would be most grateful and appreciative. Thank you so much. Eve, you are right. I did use the term fkk jung und frei fkk boys. I should have known better. Thank you for bringing up the distinction to my attention.

Hello, I just read about you and your site on Freerepublic. I have been somewhat educated about communism in central Europe, after spending ten or so years in Slovakia, and including a summer in Clujas well as travels in Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

I left Slovakia in Jan. I still have fine thoughts of my central European days, but deep sadness for my birth and home country, America. Harper uses extortion, threats and bribes to peddle his dirtiest oil on earth tar sands. Alberta tar sands fkk jung und frei fkk boys a blackened treeless moonscape that can be seen by satellite, in what used to be pristine and old growth boreal forest and wetlands.

Spewing lakes of toxic sludge which routinely kills thousands of wildlife, by they are expected to emit more than million tons of greenhouse gases fkk jung und frei fkk boys more than double that currently produced by all the cars and trucks in Canada.

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