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If they belonged to me, we would be watching very different Xena:Warrior Princess episodes! There is explicit sex between two consenting adults who happen to be women. And a bit of violence, if a spanking is to be considered violent. If either of these offend you, or you are underage, leave now, run from the screen The story takes place a short while after the very first episode, Sins of the Past, and has been drawn from my imagination, which can be a pretty scary place!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Portia Richardson, author of the excellent story A Half Moon Before and Two Summers After, for her absolutely invaluable encouragement, suggestions and editing!

And also KB, who has continued to encourage me, and kept me moving toward the completion of my story. The words to two pieces of music are at the end of this story, taken from the Sarah Brightman CD.

I have used them here because much of this story was written while listening to this music, xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen I felt that, at least for me, these two pieces spoke directly to each of these wonderful characters who fill our hearts and minds with such joy, love and adventure. If at all possible, Xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen would suggest that the reader listen to the above mentioned CD if for no other reason than to enjoy some beautiful music.

This work is copyrighted by the author, and consists of 49 pages. It amazed the warrior that this young woman could be so oblivious to so much that was going on around her, including the fact that the Xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen Princess was seething inside!

Xena was really pissed, they had once again come in contact with stupid highwaymen who thought they had found some easy pickings Gabrielle had managed to get herself between Xena and the robbers, and as usual Xena had to fight around her while trying to get Gabrielle to safety.

In the course of the fight, Xena had sustained a small nick on her right shoulder. This injury was only part of the reason she was infuriated. At least if she was going to sustain an injury, she wanted it to be from a formidable foe, not some creep who thought he was a mighty fighter, and not because she was stumbling over Gabrielle. I commanded my armies with fewer problems than this little blond is giving me.

We need some Ground Rules. Xena sat atop Argo, looked down at Gabrielle and considered the danger she was putting herself and Xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen in by allowing the young woman to continue to travel with her.

And we could use a lot less chatter xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen here. Xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen gets boring! Below her, Gabrielle stared dejectedly at the warrior. I followed you out of Poteidaia because I wanted to be with you, I wanted adventure, excitement.

I want to be a story teller, a Bard, and I need to experience life in all its forms so that I can tell my stories with honesty! How many battles have we been in just in the last few days! Xena pushed her heels gently signaling Argo to continue. Gabrielle managed somehow to remain silent, and Xena thought that maybe the girl had gotten the message. As they traveled north, Xena considered the territory they were presently covering.

She and her army had laid waste to this area and the village that had stood right where they walked. That village was only a memory now, nothing remained. She lowered her head despondently. The young woman launched into another story. It was a story that Xena had heard many times as a child, and she found herself getting caught up in the way Gabrielle was telling it. Suddenly, Xena heard a twig snap and she was instantly alert to her surroundings.

She motioned to Gabrielle to be quiet, but it took the chatty woman a full minute to realize that Xena had drawn her dagger and was listening intently for other sounds. Gabrielle glanced around nervously, holding her breath in anticipation. Suddenly two rabbits ran across their path. Xena local fuck buddy girls in madeira her dagger to her cleavage and stared down at Gabrielle. I need to sit down and have a long talk with this girl.

Xena tried to form the discussion in her mind, but her thoughts were quickly interrupted when she realized that Gabrielle had started another story, this time about a giant fish or some such thing.

She decided it was time to try to teach Gabrielle some of the necessary rules concerning their travels. The big question is not really whether or not the time is right for some discussion of Ground Rules and expectations, but whether or not I can get her to keep still long enough to hear me. Xena thought about the incessant talking for a few minutes, and then made the decision that this was as good a time as any for lessons on traveling with the Warrior Xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen. Are you going to tell me again that I have to go back to Poteidaia?

Forget about it, Xena, I won't go. I want to be with you. I want adventures and excitement. I want to learn from you and from the people we meet and the places we see and. The warrior shouted with more than a hint of threat in her voice The young woman clamped her mouth shut, stopped in the middle of the trail, and looked up at Xena. She stared for a moment, and then said, "OK.

Let's talk," and immediately started on another monologue. They quickly reached a small clearing, created by old fallen trees. Xena walked Argo over to a spot lush with fo americas next top model asian, draping the reins over the mare's back so the beautiful animal could graze and relax while Xena tried to deal with Gabrielle.

Gabrielle meanwhile, had just been standing in the middle of the small clearing, watching Xena and the mare, and, for once, was not talking. Xena walked back toward her and taking her hand led her to one of the fallen trees, motioning to Gabrielle to sit. Gabrielle broke the silence by starting up about everything and anything, including whether or not they were going to camp there for the night. Did Xena think that she could catch something for dinner?

What about taking a blanket out so they could put it xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen the fallen tree trunk and sit on it instead of the rough tree bark?

Now sit down and be still! Gabrielle realized that this was probably the longest string of words Ron jeremy penis verdickung creme had put together since they had met. In an instant her mind flashed back to that day, the day the slavers had tried to take her and so many of the villagers.

This gorgeous, tall, dark haired woman with the most penetrating blue eyes she had ever seen had literally wiped up the trail with the evil slavers.

Gabrielle had known at that very moment that she wanted to be with this woman, to share in her life and adventures, and that she was not xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen going to be happy anywhere but at this woman's side. Xena looked down at the Gabrielle, who still had not sat down. With an exasperated sigh, she gave her a little backward push, resulting in Gabrielle catching her boot heel in her long xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen and starting to fall.

Xena quickly grabbed her, kept her upright, and then xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen her down with a bit more force than expected by either of them. Gabrielle immediately tried to stand, and xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen mouth opened to protest, but Xena looked down at her with what Gabrielle had very early in their travels together defined as "The Look". She sat down and remained silent. Looking up at Xena expectantly, she was somewhat relieved to see "The Look" fade slightly.

This time Gabrielle stopped dead in her verbal tracks. She was almost certain that besides "The Look" being very much back, she thought she saw smoke coming out of Xena's ears. Xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen stepped back a moment, as though to regroup, or to keep from strangling her traveling companion. You hardly ever string two words together. You know, communication is I never realized how alone I was, and you have changed all that. Just having you around has given my life much joy There are Ground Xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen you must obey.

Gabrielle took a breath and though they had been traveling together only a short time Xena knew this girl and she knew that expression when Gabrielle was about to start another mindboggling dissertation. And you absolutely must learn to obey xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen instantly, without question.

Without argument! Gabrielle was watching Xena with absolute attention, and the tall warrior congratulated herself on finally getting through to her in this very important discussion! Those commands are not open for discussion. You must obey me without question.

Xena waited again, and still Gabrielle sat there, xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen the warrior with her green eyes never leaving Xena's face Xena spanks gabrielle fur ungehorsam bestellungen felt encouraged, Oh, I am on a roll here! Again, no discussion, no arguments, you do what I say when I say it. I must have your complete obedience!

Xena continued, feeling really good about how all this was going. She looked down at Gabrielle, sitting there in her peasant skirt and top, looking for all the world like a little girl from a farming village. Not like a young woman traveling with a Warrior Princess Gabrielle looked down, and then looked back at the warrior with her mouth hanging open. It gets dirty dragging the ground. This makes a lot more sense. When we get to the next town you can get something else.

Still nothing from Gabrielle. Xena was now beginning to think that maybe she was actually in some sort of a trance We always end up doing the same thing, I catch something, you cook it, we eat it, I sharpen and polish my sword, you clean up, I bank our fire, we sleep

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