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  1. why are there so many people with fake glasses? glasses mean that you have severe problems with your eyes and would die in nature, because you couldnt see your prey or prdators. so why fake having an illness? its like wearing fake prostetics.

  2. Your soooo fucking hottttt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Doujinshi scans hentai sailor moon name: Password OpenID? Forgot it? Remember Me. Three pages out of nine. Translated and scanlated by Lililicious group. Tags: genre: yurimedium: manga. Flat Top-Level Comments Only. I mean, the art is good, and really expressive, so the characters clearly have a lot of personality, but If you want to draw pretty guys or pretty girls, why not just make them adults?

Why intentionally try to play these mind games with your readers? If I create an attractive character, I want people to be attracted to that character - whether they're 18 or Pulling stunts like this comes across as manipulative as all Hell.

Link Reply Thread Hide 2 comments Show 2 comments. It's a parody fancomic based on the meme that Pluto cares about Chibiusa more than her own parents.

Plus, manga characters are rarely adults. They are usually middle or high schoolers to appeal to the teenage audience. I've heard that said before. And in truth it still bothers me. I mean, adults still read Western comics, right? You don't hit 18 and immediately stop reading them? Honestly, all the excuses I've heard just feel like that - excuses. But maybe it's just me? But I find it incredibly weird how invested people are in defending these tropes, when they seem solely devised to make readers feel like deviants.

Link Reply Thread from start Parent. I love this so much. I mean, it's my three favorite guardians and something about Pluto acting so cute makes me feel super warm on the inside. Link Reply. Is chibiusa an adult in a childs body? I meanthere was that time she was a child in an adult body but is it the other way around later? The whole future doujinshi scans hentai sailor moon bit I'm always hazy on.

That said - this has got nice production values for a doujin. Link Reply Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment. She was born when Usagi doujinshi scans hentai sailor moon around 20, making her around a thousand year old by the time she travelled from the future. In the gag you are mentioning her and Usagi swept their physical ages, making her an ancient immortal in a 15 year old body. Please read the community doujinshi scans hentai sailor moon and rules before posting or commenting.

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