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Servers Reviews. Discord Servers Norway Discord servers tagged with Norway. Tags similar to Norway norwegian 54 language-learning 88 yes kingdom english occult uk e-girls witchcraft girls cats esports Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of 46 servers.

Den norske serveren. Language Get link Mute this server Report this server. This server is dedicated to learning Norwegian, or Bokmal. Nynorsk is accepted in this server, as well as local dialects. The server is run by mods who do not speak Norwegian as a native language, so its learning together. Made by people with a genuine interest in Norway!

Join this Server. Community Norway's most active Discord community! Members from all around the world are welcome here. We also provide help for anyone who has questions about Norway. Feel free to join! Have fun! Gamer Coalition. All Games Are you a gamer? Are you subscribed to PewDiePie? If so, brother, I must advise you to join this Discord server immediately.

Norges hoved discord bikini blogg Norge. Denne serveren handler ikke om reglion da reglionene per idag henger etter. Helt ny gruppe: Lagd Spiritualitet handler om viten om alt inni oss og ute i universet.

Du finner ikke en spirituell mester som ikke lever i hjertet sitt! Alt kan heales invendig fra. Where we go 1 we go all. Hakeln zopfe mit naturlichen haar Spille Server.

We dont actually like trump Hey join us or u gai. Fort Gaming. FPS Games A community for anyone norges hoved discord bikini blogg just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. Loads of different personalities and an active voice chat.

Kingdom of Norway. Other This server is a Norwegian role-play server. We have a lovely community. We speak many norges hoved discord bikini blogg mainly English and Norwegian. The Nordic Server.

Welcome to The Nordic Server! A server to promote Nordic culture and language. This server is a hub for people from all Nordic regions foreigners are welcome. At over 1, we are one of the bigger Nordic specialized servers with chats for all the nordic languages. As Nords we do speak english quite well, so dont be frightened if you dont speak a nordic language! We have an active Voice Chat community, we norges hoved discord bikini blogg different channels for both culture and languages, but also for more common topics like gaming, history, music, art and general chats!

Do check us out! Or just join for Emotes! It aint much, but its honest work! Gutta means the boys in Norwegian and the server is mostly memes and random chatting : want someone to talk with? Join. A server for the Scandinavian languages. We listen to music, share memes, play games, talk in vc and stream etc. Danes, swedes and norwegians- join us! We allow foreigners who can speak at least one of the Scandinavian languages.

Dovregubbens Hall. Community 4. Er du nyskjerrig? Convenient Server. Midnight Ukrainians. This is a server for people with some political intrests were we can meme around and play some norges hoved discord bikini blogg. Kingdom of the Nordic Union.

Community 9. Da er dette discord-gruppa for deg. Greta Thunberg Offical Fanclub. This is a group based on our mutual interest in Greta Thunberg and her great work for a better life on this planet both for us humans and the earth itself. In this server we talk about how we hate black people and we want their rights taken away. We hope you'll join and have a good time with fellow Greta supporters.

The Kingdom of Norway. Other 2. Norges hoved discord bikini blogg Socialist Republic. The Norwegian Socialist Republic is a marxist-leninist roleplay server, it actually doesn't care what ideology you have, you just have to role as a marxist-leninist in the different channels this server has. You can also speak normally without roling and make friends.

Kesui's YouTube Server. Fighting Games CSGO Norge. FPS Games 4.

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