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Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. As such, the islands and surrounding waters are remarkably well preserved and protected, meaning that you can enjoy their wonders as nature intended. As well as being satisfyingly close to the city, the Rosario Islands are also a nice contrast to the city. While Cartagena is undoubtedly beautiful, it can get very touristy and hot, and after a few days, many people are looking for a break from the urban environment.

Enter the Rosario Islands, with its cool breezes, beautiful nature, and laid-back attitude — the perfect weekend getaway. The seven different hostels are all located in the former luxurious mansions of Emerald barons, and are as opulent as that fact looking for a friend close in rosario. With great swimming pools, airy terraces, and well-appointed rooms — as well as a privileged location right on the seafront — The Secret Paradise might not be that secret these days, but it remains a paradise.

Although some of the islands are rocky or surrounded by mangroves, many of them are home to stunning, picture-perfect Caribbean beaches : the kind of beaches that you want to experience in the Caribbean — white sand, sparkling blue waters, a few palm trees, and not looking for a friend close in rosario else!

The beauty of visiting the Rosario Islands is that there truly is something on offer for all different tastes — more adventurous travellers can take a kayak out onto the sea, go diving, or sport-fishing, while the more relaxed visitors can easily idle away a day on the beach, chilling in a hammock, or sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset. One of the coolest activities you can enjoy on a visit to the Rosario Islands is a kayaking trip among the majestic mangrove tunnels of Isla Grande.

This unique ecosystem is common on the islands, and there are not many more fun things looking for a friend close in rosario do when you visit than jump in a kayak and set out looking for a friend close in rosario explore the surreal tunnels formed by the mangroves.

Whether you fancy learning to dive or are already an expert, you will certainly enjoy scuba diving in the protected waters surrounding the Rosario Islands. While there are hostels and hammocks available for accommodation on the Rosario Islands, there are also more exclusive and upmarket options available if you fancy making your visit a little more luxurious and special.

Resort hotels like Isla del Pirata Hotel, Hotel Pedro Majagua or Gente de Mar all offer combinations of luxury rooms, private beaches, and quality food.

The aforementioned Isla del Pirata is one of the smallest islands in the archipelago, but also one of the prettiest and more exclusive options available for a trip to the Rosario Islands. While most tour boats head straight for Baru and Playa Blanca, Pirate Island is calmer, more tranquil, and a generally fantastic place to spend a few days in the Caribbean.

If you want to experience the magic of the Rosario Islands in true luxury, then you can always arrange to tour them in your very own private yacht or catamaran. There are many tour agencies in Cartagena who now offer these more exclusive packages, so if you have a group of friends and some money to spend, then you can enjoy the azure waters off the islands on board a very lovely yacht.

This brackish water lake at the heart of Isla Grande is famous for the stunning and surreal spectacle of phosphorescent plankton which, on a dark, star-free night, seem to glow and oscillate with light at every touch of the water.

Swimming in the lake at night, watching tiny green lights dance around your body is one of the most unique and memorable reasons to visit the Rosario Islands. Haley paige amateur allure porno currency. My Plans. Open menu Menu. South America Colombia Places to Stay.

The Rosario Islands are an archipelago located within a national park on the Colombian Caribbean coast, only about an hour from the popular tourist city of Cartagena. They are beautiful, diverse, and well worth a visit, for a day or even longer. So here are 15 reasons why you should visit the Rosario Islands at least once looking for a friend close in rosario your lifetime. They are easy to visit from Cartagena. They are a nice contrast to the city. The Secret Paradise Hostel. Stunning Caribbean beaches.

The food is delicious! You can kayak in mangroves. The Oceanarium. Stunning sunsets. You can scuba dive. Luxury accommodation. Pirate Island. Private yacht tours.

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