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As always thank you for the reviews. Glad you're liking the story so far. Hope you like the chapter. Friday morning seemed normal. Rachel was at her locker getting ready for the gf rache cheerleader locker room. She hasn't spoken to Quinn since yesterday.

But the day was just beginning. There was still plenty of time to talk to the head cheerleader, right? Rachel closed her locker turning to leave when splash. She just closed her locker before being hit in the face by the cold tut der unterseite von einem teich einfrieren. Rachel removed the ice from her eyes but the attacker had continued moving. The diva turned to her locker to get the back-up clothes she had brought the day before.

What Rachel didn't see gf rache cheerleader locker room Quinn had been watching the diva from a distance.

She wasn't ready to talk to the small brunette just yet but that didn't mean she wasn't going to try and help her. Unfortunately the distance gave the jock opportunity.

Quinn managed to trip the football player making him do a face pant in the hallway. She reached down, grabbing him by the ear pulling him to his feet. The cheerleader turned the cocky jock into a whimpering boy. She pulled him towards Rachel's locker. The diva didn't see Quinn approach her with her attacker. Quinn tapped the diva on the shoulder, getting her attention.

Rachel's jaw dropped seeing the jock in Quinn's grasp. Rachel quickly grabbed her bag, and shut her locker. Gf rache cheerleader locker room took Quinn's hand and the three made their way down the hall. The students parted, letting the three students through. Many grabbed their phones to get gf rache cheerleader locker room picture of the whimpering football player being pulled down the hallway by the cheerleader.

The diva obliged letting go of Quinn's hand. Quinn didn't let go of the jock, and continued her strut towards coach Beiste's office. Quinn knocked on the door, before entering. Quinn guided the jock to the one chair. Quinn stuck her head out of the door, extending her hand for Rachel to gf rache cheerleader locker room. She brought her into the office showing the coach the diva covered in the cold, blue, icy drink.

Coach Beiste slowly nodded and looked down seeing Jones still had the slushy cup in his hand. There were some remnants of a blue liquid in the cup. Coach Beiste turned her attention to the two girls at the door. Quinn nodded pushing Rachel out of the door. Quinn got outside of the coach's sight before stopping.

Oh and don't think you're getting out of practice today. You will be there, and you shay geschmack der liebe nackt be the one to explain to your teammates how you've let them down. Now get out of my sight. Quinn pushed Rachel out of the locker room as fast as she could. Once outside, Quinn pulled the diva towards the girl's locker room to help the diva get cleaned up.

Rachel didn't budge. Let's get you cleaned up before you're stained. Rachel finally did as the cheerleader asked. Quinn started deslushying the diva. I was concerned there would be a massive slushy attack. You know retaliation, because of gf rache cheerleader locker room happened to you the team lost two of their most powerful players.

Coach Beiste told me if I saw any player with a slushy gf rache cheerleader locker room bring them to her. Sorry it was after you already got the slushy in your face. But plus side it might've caused a worse punishment. Did you also hear Coach Beiste say he has to tell his team why he wouldn't be at the game? Quinn finished getting rid of the slushy off the diva. She handed Rachel a towel as the diva stood.

She turned to look at herself in the mirror, before stripping off her sweater. Quinn had watched the diva and was taken aback by the quick motion Rachel had her top off. Rachel, now only in her bra and skirt turned her attention to the cheerleader. We are in the girl's locker room," Rachel gf rache cheerleader locker room sarcastically. She walked over to her bag, across from the sinks.

She bent over picking up the bag, teasing Quinn with a view of her rear end. Quinn gave the diva a once over before looking up. Quinn was getting aroused by the lack of clothing the diva had.

Looking away wasn't enough, so Quinn decided to try praying. Nothing is more of a turn off than the lord. Our Father…. Rachel pulled out a blouse, and put it on. She turned around, as she was buttoning it. Rachel smiled seeing Quinn's eyes looking up at the ceiling. She was moving her head, like she was talking but nothing was coming out. She finished buttoning up her shirt as she made her way towards the cheerleader. Quinn was so focused on her praying she didn't notice Rachel gf rache cheerleader locker room standing right in front of her.

There was no response from the cheerleader. Rachel waved her hand in front of Quinn's face, getting her attention. She looked down at the diva standing right in front of her. Quinn's eyes couldn't help but notice Rachel forgot to button the top of her shirt; giving her a view of the diva's cleavage.

Praying," Quinn replied, quickly bringing her starla sterling free streaming porn to Rachel's eyes. Interesting, well I want to say thank you for what you did this morning," Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's waist. Quinn reciprocated, wrapping her arms around the small girl. This is what friends do. Quinn stared into the chocolate brown eyes.

She was lost in them. Quinn was fighting every urge telling her to lean down and kiss the diva. She even tried praying, but only ever got as far as 'our father.

She was slowly leaning forward to kiss the diva, when the morning bell went off. She left as fast as she could without actually running, leaving a confused Rachel gf rache cheerleader locker room. I'm gonna get sacked tomorrow. We're gonna loose and we actually had a chance of going all the way this year," Finn again yelled at Quinn. And so am I. Oh and from this," Finn said pulling out his phone. He pulled up a picture of Quinn dragging the football player down the hall by his ear.

Finn opened his mouth gf rache cheerleader locker room nothing came out. Quinn laughed at the goofy look on her ex-boyfriend's face. It looked very similar to his I'm about to cum face.

Please explain to your girlfriend why getting Jones suspended totally fucked us for tomorrow's game. Excuse me? Are we in the 's? Last time I checked it was the twenty first century. I'm not his property. And for your information Finn, its Jones own fault he got suspended.

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