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But the sexual politics of the set-up is really intriguing and by definition a closed world to any heterosexual SOURCE readers. There were cabins upstairs and downstairs, some with doors for couples and orgy rooms. A steam room, dry sauna and small swimming pool completed the facilities. No post-coital crisps and coffee for me, then. He said it was a bit quiet today. I resisted the comedy gold retort. How hilarious I felt now.

Two men were chatting by the lockers. Innocuous chat, about this and that. Cocks, bums and the like formed no part of the discussion. I was already finding it very difficult to place myself in the mindset of those for whom this was seemingly an everyday and unremarkable occurrence. I arranged my towel around my waist and headed for the shower, as was only polite before entering.

All squeaky clean and nice to know, I wandered out to the pool. God only knows what my self-conscious smile back must have looked like. Probably that I was a bit mental, a diagnosis it was becoming harder to disagree with as every moment passed. I carried on past the cabins, one of which was open to reveal a skinny young man reclined on his front on a shiny brown vinyl mattress. His buttocks were proffered, but I found I was able to resist their undoubted charms. I hope he got lucky, though.

The dry sauna was empty, but I saw someone go into the steam room. I waited a moment and followed him in. No means no, after all. No means no. As I found the wooden bench around its circumference I could no longer see him or anyone else. Ordinarily I quite like a steam room as it goes, so I sat naked sauna for couple in brighton, tightening the towel around me.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the dank, steamy light it became clear I was far from alone. A couple of others were naked sauna for couple in brighton on their own, just passing the time watching.

I started to feel very uncomfortable. Not threatened, not vulnerable, but a fraud. As I left, my final smile was returned to the pool boy, who naked sauna for couple in brighton wandering about the place dabbing the floors with a grubby mop. Any discomfort I felt was at my own dishonesty — my journalistic and anthropological intentions had been at the possible expense and offence of others, as I watched agog like a kid in a zoo. But if anything, it made me slightly envious.

If gay people can approach sex with such a casual and hassle-free approach, then good luck to them. Commonly used tags Mar 19, Posted by Nick Coquet. Source Virgins. Nick Coquet.

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