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Hell no. If not more. I always assumed he had a secret phone and it was confirmed. I was stupid to let him wer will sext in lincoln home. But she is stupid now. She thinks she knows him. All she will ever be is a side chick but shes too ignorant to realize that.

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I was more shocked than anything because he loved us and worshipped the ground we walked on! And be got with Paige! And they keep breaking up and he wants to always come back to me but wer will sext in lincoln anymore! Meet her on a dating site and everything was going good but she claimed she was single but come to find out she was and still is married to her wife. She met my Husband when she worked with wer will sext in lincoln and I was very pregnant with our 1st child.

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I am exposing her so she can understand. This one was supposedly my best friend. She practically lived in my home. One day I caught her lying about where she was so, upon investigating, I found her in a hotel room with my husband. This had been going on for months. Then I found that she was stealing checks from my room mate, writing them to herself and depositing them in her account.

She is still trying to pretend like they are together on social mediabecause she has no life and no morals. Blast this nasty pathetic excuse of a woman! This is Angela Ramsey. If you have a husband or a wife for that matter that you wanna keep, keep her far away from them.

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She drains them of their money, finds another, and discards them for the new one. Absolutely nobody is off limits to her. She has been engaged more times than wer will sext in lincoln have wer will sext in lincoln, but always finds a reason to leave. She even slept with her daughters husband and ended their marriage. Then turned it all around on the son in law as being the bad guy. Beware of her!

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