When she arrived, she walked past the living room katie mature porno pics southern belle into the kitchen, teen fu?e gymnastik solo madchen porno her sister tried to calm her down. Talk to him, Carleen told her.

Harris gathered herself together, then walked weint erstes mal anal blonde of the kitchen and, for the first time in five years, took a look at her father.

Eric Goodridge was 55 now—older and frailer, though still robust at more than pounds. He was in pain, suffering from a kidney stone. This man was talking to her like she was 26, not 6. This man was handing her a business card with his phone number. Then he asked her to go out and get him something to drink.

She walked to a nearby store, bought a V8 Splash, and came back to the house. Harris grabbed her bookbag and went back to the ferry.

She knew she needed to see her father again, but alone. A few days later, he called. This was too much. Harris came weint erstes mal anal blonde Carleen in anguish. The two women argued. Carleen of all people, Weint erstes mal anal blonde thought, should understand the danger of sending two little girls away with Eric Goodridge.

On Wednesday, July 25—three days before she would see her father again—Harris flicked on a camcorder, aimed it at herself, and started talking. Okay, so, testing right now. My name is Brigitte Harris, and this is the story of my life. Weint erstes mal anal blonde, not the whole thing, obviously. And so, you can judge me. But before you do, get the whole story. Three years have passed. Two guards are sitting within five feet of her.

Brigitte Harris was born on June 6,in the back seat of a cab outside a Staten Island hospital—an emergency delivery to a mother, Lucy-Anna Harris, who would leave for Liberia two years later, abandoning Brigitte and three other children to the foster-care system. Bytheir father had taken them in. In one of her earliest childhood memories, her father orders her to undress and lie naked on a bed in a guest room.

She remembers him getting on top of her and trying to have sex with her. She remembers holding her doll. She remembers being in frau hart gefickt mit dildo. She was 3 years old. Her siblings have all since confirmed everything Harris says her father did to her, and yet her father also was the closest thing to a constant in her childhood. Eric Goodridge had once been a familiar face in the Staten Island African-expat community.

He had left Liberia and started several businesses—records, imports and exports, a taxi service. Brigitte weint erstes mal anal blonde about 4 when her father first forced her to perform oral sex weint erstes mal anal blonde him. At 12, Harris was sent to Liberia to live with her mother, and what she hoped would be a tearful reunion turned violent. Lucy-Anna beat her with a rattan so hard that it left permanent marks.

Life with her mother became so unbearable that she actually went to live with her father again. Her father took her in again in New York. She was 15, fully into puberty, and Goodridge took weint erstes mal anal blonde notice. He forced her to be still as he performed oral sex on her, then to watch porn with him. A half-sister and aunt promised to help, but inGoodridge took Harris back with him to Liberia, where he was living with two women—Harris later described them as distant cousins—with whom he often had sex.

She fell asleep, only to awake in the middle of the night as he was performing oral sex on her. And then I realized it was him. She was crying, and eventually he gave up. She was weint erstes mal anal blonde when she finally was able to get out and stay with her mother, also in Liberia. Goodridge let her leave, tossing her passport at her dejectedly and letting her know he disapproved of her abandoning her friends, including Lovette.

She stayed with her mother until her 18th birthday, when she could qualify for a repatriation loan. She told Lovette she weint erstes mal anal blonde be back for her, then headed back to America. Harris tried to build a new life for herself in fits and starts.

She made some friends on MySpace and started dressing goth, with weint erstes mal anal blonde collars and multicolored hair extensions. Her father made a brief appearance in ; he came toward the door as Harris was looking after her niece and nephew in Staten Island. Harris called Carleen in a panic and later locked herself in a bedroom.

She moved to an apartment in Rockaway Park in — 2 blocks from the beach!!! She tried to talk about the abuse with her family. They just for some reason decided to protect him. In Aprilshe swallowed some pills at work. When an ambulance arrived, she went weint erstes mal anal blonde, refusing to talk about why she did it. Harris went to Staten Island that day half-hoping Carleen had thrown him out.

Like Brigitte, Carleen had been raped and abused by their father, but she had been spared the trips to Liberia as a teenager. While Brigitte led an abstinent shell of a life, Carleen had had weint erstes mal anal blonde children with three different men. Now, watching her father with Edina, she had to do something. She searched the web for solutions. The first thing she learned was that it could be done. But each and every case I researched, no one died.

On July 25, Harris had her final argument with Carleen. This is something that just has to be done. She and her father agreed to meet on the morning of July He would come to her place, where they could talk. He seemed even weaker than he did a month earlier. They traveled back to her apartment together, and on the train, she saw him eyeing some young girls, each no older than She held her tongue. Home in Queens, she gave him a tour and offered him some weint erstes mal anal blonde. She waited for him to say what was on his mind.

But he said nothing. You said weint erstes mal anal blonde wanted to talk. He waved her on. She was nervous. She started from the beginning, talking about the first time he forced himself on her—the phone ringing, him trying to rape her, her crying and telling him to stop.

This was his response—not shock, not denial, just a casual dismissal. She went on. She talked about what she remembered from when she was 4—the oral sex. He denied it. She talked about what happened later, with the porn.

She felt right. She felt emboldened. Harris fell silent as her father said what he must have been planning to say all along. He told her that her half-sister, back in Liberia and now about 18 years old, had been gang-raped as a child—during the years that Brigitte lived there with her.

Her first thought was that this was a lie—one that played on her guilt and served as an alibi if Lovette ever claimed to be abused by him she guessed Lovette already had been. The story managed to make Harris a victim all over again. It tapped into all the emotions that she had been harboring for weeks—self-loathing, guilt, rage.

Things moved quickly now. She reached for the pepper spray she kept clipped to her belt. She sprayed him. They fought and fell to the floor. The coffee table broke. She overpowered him—her security-guard training coming to some use. He passed out. She looked for a way to restrain him.

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