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  1. The obvious reason Ron Jeremy s character has trouble thinking is a lack of blood flow to his brain, it s all required elsewhere!

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Hi there,I'm curious to know if self sucking can cause any type of kidney problems or any type of cancer due to self plane fur ein fuck machine. Also can self sucking cause any health issues? I was wondering is there any health risks doing this, and is it safe for my spine since I have been doing it so long and nothing has broken? Also why is it that sometimes I can deep throat like go all the plane fur ein fuck machine down without my back hurting at all and sometimes I can't reach with out pain in my back it helps plane fur ein fuck machine when I have trouble reaching to take a hot shower or bath first then It is easy to reach without pain I'm guessing the heat softens my back muscles that are stopping me or something.

I have had a few digestive plane fur ein fuck machine that I secretly wonder if my sex life when I am between girl friends has caused these things. Like my acid reflex and a huge clot in my lower intestine that hurt like plane fur ein fuck machine I had it stuck there over night thinking it will be fine and I'll just get some sleep and if it's not better go to doctors then it was so bad I barely made it to get my prescription and all the waiting while they did x-rays was crazy it ended up being more painful than it should have been with the extra time wasted, but finally plane fur ein fuck machine a few doses I was back to regular plane fur ein fuck machine movements and thankfully the pain went away.

I also found out recently by accident that mine reaches around back is there a medical name for that one, I accidentally stuck it in there in the tub when I was soaking to get my back lose enough for oral and I immediately ejaculated, I found it's a nice way to deal with that urge when I don't feel like plane fur ein fuck machine my own plane fur ein fuck machine the stuff doesn't taste good no matter how many of the supposed natural taste enhancers I eat, but I had learned to live with it till I learned I can do both types of sex on myself and I still prefer oral it just feels better, but it's nice to have options.

That's quite a home entertainment center you've got there. Some folks might wonder why you'd ever leave the house, let alone search for a sex partner! Your health risks are primarily related to muscle strain from your hyper-flexed position while deep-throating your own penis popsicle.

The warm shower or bath just loosens sexy peach, daisy und rosalina porno the muscles and allows for easier stretching. I don't believe your self-lovin' activities had anything to do with your recent bout of constipation. Finally, I should mention that if they ever create an x-rated Cirque du Soleil show, you would definitely be the lead act! Move over hyper-flexible Asian contortionists and make room for The Love Machine!

Recently I tried autofellatio. I was almost successful. My question is, is it possible to contract an oral infection from it?

I'm a virgin, that should help. But a couple hours later I noticed two sore spots on my lip. I think it's from my tooth plane fur ein fuck machine up against it, but I'm a paranoid person. So pleas,e just verify this for me. There is no need to wait for a personal response from me. The reassurance you seek is already waiting for you in the archives. See below. Diseases from tonguing your own tallywhacker? WOWZA, just how big is that one-eyed trouser snake of yours?

Oh, you're Italian. OK, now I understand. The answer is no. You can not give yourself anything but a good time by autofellating Mr. My boyfriend loves sucking his cock, he started that even before he started going out with guys.

He does it now while I'm topping him. I love sucking him while Plane fur ein fuck machine fucking him, but somehow it's not the same for him.

He's very rough with his dick and sucks himself really hard. I wouldn't mind doing it the same way. Please, somehow I'm very concern, plus I don't let him do it to me that way. Rod is able to suck his own rod while Abel is able to suck Rod while fucking him??? Oh, never mind. On to your question.

You're concerned about Rod's prostate gland if you suck him really hard??? Gosh, Abel, how hard is hard? Are you so powerful that you could suck the chrome off a bumper?

Abel, I think plane fur ein fuck machine fears are unwarranted. You can suck enthusiastically. Just don't use your teeth or traumatize Rod's rod to the point of physical damage black and blue marks, broken skin, etc. Aside from that, you shouldn't worry about sucking so hard that you might turn your boyfriend inside out, OK? I have recently discovered my ability to self suck and cannot stop.

Recently, however, I've had a sore throat. I am not sexually active if that can help any. Also, I am able to self suck but not able to deep throat so that shouldn't be the cause. I do swallow. You're just telling us all this to make us jealous, right??? I suppose the next thing you'll tell us is that you can open a ketchup bottle just using your tongue, right? OK, Mr. Big, I see no reason for you to worry. Your new party trick is not the cause of your sore throat.

Hey, if you ever come up for air and find you need gainful employment, I think the adult film industry might be interested in your ahem talent. Bob Frascino, M. Question Hi there,I'm curious to know if self sucking can cause any type of kidney problems or any type of cancer due to self sucking.

You should know: The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified health care professional.

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