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  1. The staff were going to charge me the same until I mentioned this and told them I wasn't paying that.

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By roddy, May 24, in Beijing. Thought I'd put together a short list of retailers I've used where you verlieren jungfraulichkeit zu riesigen schwanz order online and pay when the goods are delivered.

If anyone's got any looking for normal chill girl in beijing recommendations, speak up! I'm only including ones I've used personally. A bit of a hassle to order, you need to download an excel spreadsheet with a list of products, copy and paste stuff into another order spreadsheet big tit milf orgie porno looking for normal chill girl in beijing email it in.

Should get your order within 24 hours, and they give you two delivery slots to choose from, 10am to 3pm and 3pm to 8pm. The spreadsheet doesn't seem to be too up to date, and a fair number of things I ordered weren't available I now amateuren, die weibliche ejakulation orgasmen 2kg of pasta and no pasta sauce:help.

To be fair they were quick to let me know and there would have been time to put in replacements if I'd bothered. They also let you know the exact price which may be slightly different to what you expect due to the spreadsheet not being bang up to date.

Delivery was efficient - one lad hefting the box and dumping everything into your cupboards, and a girl collecting your money. They didn't charge me a delivery fee despite not reaching their minimum order of Y due to missing pasta sauce, mostly. They don't do the full range of products, but there's enough there for a very comprehensive weekly shop - though if you're reaching the Y minimum spend 4 times a month, I want to come round for dinner.

I'm also sure I don't need to point out this means that you can get reasonably priced imported spirits delivered to your door - if you've got a grand or so to spare you could have a pretty impressive drinks cabinet set looking for normal chill girl in beijing in no time.

If there's one thing I hate more than shopping, it's shopping in Zhongguancun. Which is where Zhongguangcun Online comes in handy. The site's all in Chinese, and it's very comprehensive - from 60ft plasma screens to blank floppy discs - so it might take a while to find what you want. Phone numbers are also there if you want to call. I need to therefore add a caveat - I've only ordered stuff from one dealer, so I can't guarantee the others are all as good.

However, the one I did use twice managed to phone to confirm and deliver a bunch of wireless networking stuff by lunchtime after getting an order late the previous night, and I'd be happy to try out other firms - after all, you don't hand over money till you've checked it out, and with the wireless PCI card I got the guy offered to hang around and help me install it.

How prices compare to actually turning up at Hailong Dasha or Bainaohui I don't know - but if you know what you want electronics and what you don't want look, look, laptop, very nice it's a great option. They have stores at the big camera place in Wukesong and a new flagship at Soho which I haven't been to yetbut if you prefer, ordering at Rayi. Rayi looking for normal chill girl in beijing seem to be marginally pricier than others, but they've always impressed me with how professional they are.

Again, the site is all in Chinese. You're more likely to have these delivered to someone else looking for normal chill girl in beijing yourself, but they will come round to your apartment or office to collect payment they also take credit cards so I'm including them here.

Website is in Chinese or English, and service and product are both very impressive. Not sure how they rank on price to be honest, but you can't skimp on romance. The Chinese Amazon. Delivers to your door home or office within the 5th ring road, lets you specify times for delivery and calls before coming over. Their selection is good, but far from complete. Well, each time I gave the guy bringing my books the money, and dangdang never complained, so I guess it got through somehow.

I've been pleased with both Dangdang and Joyo. In downtown Beijing and in several other cities throughout China check their pages for detailspayment can be COD and delivery is usually within a day or two if the items are in stock. You can also have them come to pick up looking for normal chill girl in beijing and deliver orders to a different address.

Both places also sell tons of other stuff - there's a cool USB plugin hotplate I have my eye on at Dangdang. Knowing about www. We've also successfully ordered a few SD cards from a looking for normal chill girl in beijing on the site. Even if you don't place an order through the site, it's still a great way to get a rough idea of prices one should bargain around. Saves you from leaving the market with lingering uncertainties of whether you got ripped off on your purchase.

Just ordered a water cooler and 1GB SD card from Joyo - very easy to use, will let you know if all turns up ok. I know you are all on tenterhooks about my Joyo order, so I just wanted to let you know that they phoned this morning to confirm I'd made an order it was a bit odd, rang my mobile and said 'Hi this is Joyo, did you make an order?

The next fascinating development was early this afternoon, when the delivery people people phoned to check I'd be in this afternoon, which I wasn't, but they'll deliver tomorrow looking for normal chill girl in beijing instead - which is the same time the Carrefour delivery is due, and is also when the building management are sending on past experience two slapstick comedians round to fix the balcony.

You can do "cash on delivery" with dangdang. I had many deliveries from dangdang when I lived there. I think only books and AV stuff is Dangdang's core business, everything else is other companies working under the dangdang flag, so it might depend on the individual company policy and where it is based - if it is in Shanghai it can send someone round, if not, it can't.

Could be wrong, but I'd guess that's what is happening. You might have more luck with Joyo. You can also get stuff, paid on deliver in Beijing from joyo. Movies, cd's, books, some electronics. They are the Chinese Amazon.

I gotta admit, that I got a bit excited about ordering books online in Chinasince I often nackte indische madchen bekommen ficken bilder it at home, and I looking for normal chill girl in beijing like the idea that I only have to give the address and click on the books I want and cheaper than in the bookshop.

Today is ; is there an updated list of online stores that deliver in esp. Could you please suggest any online stores that a take US credit cards, b have looking for normal chill girl in beijing reputation, ideally exist for some years, c can be navigated by a beginner in Chinese, e. I'm currently interested in electronics and flowers, but looking for normal chill girl in beijing other suggestions are of course very welcome.

Thank you! You can buy stuff from Amazon. Good electronics selection, though no flowers. There's no English, but if you've ever used the English version of Amazon before, it's not hard to figure the layout out hint: they're identical.

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Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Beijing Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted May 24, Groceries: Carrefour A bit of a hassle to order, you need to download an excel spreadsheet with a list of products, copy and paste stuff into another order spreadsheet and then email it in. Flowers: Flowers2u. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Nice list Roddy, but I would surely like to see the house that can fit this baby I would be happy with just 3 of those feet!

Posted May 25, I've tried it three times, each time without problems; delivery was punctual and complete. Can you pay on delivery with dangdang? Posted July 7, Posted July 11, Posted July 12, Do they have any of these? Further updates as events warrant. Edit: Projector Keyboards pretty, Roddy want. Edit Edit: Delivery arrived as scheduled. Can't really justify another post though, can I.

Posted October 4, Posted October 5, According to their website, they offer COD in cities around China. Merged the dangdang query with the online shopping topic. Could be wrong, but I'd guess that's what is happening You might have more luck with Joyo.

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