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Not only were the U. That would be Anna Sidorova, who has temporarily displaced Maria Sharapova here as the perfectly symmetrical face of sports.

Maybe this flirtation won't last long, because curling is. The Ice Cube arena russisch frauen s olympic curling team Tuesday for this match was transformed into something not at all like your Canadian grandfather's curling rink.

The crowd was raucous, forcing the curlers to use hand signals instead of their usual vocal cues. If the fans didn't always understand what they were watching, they knew whom they were watching. The Russian women on Sheet No. I like people to say, 'This is good curler. Sidorova is a very good curler, and knows exactly what she is doing, on and off the ice.

Her deliveries were on target against the U. A carom shot in the seventh end rescued Russia and netted two points. She converted the equivalent of a bowling split in the ninth for two more points, knocking away two U. Sidorova didn't grow up with this sport. She was a promising figure skater for seven years, until age 13, when she badly injured her leg and couldn't find a doctor able to completely heal her.

Her mother's friend suggested curling, and the rest is Olympic history. The russisch frauen s olympic curling team at the Ice Cube chanted and screamed for the Russian team, even if it was sometimes cheering at the wrong time. Curling is an intricately tactical sport, and what appears a bad shot to the uninitiated may be a strategic gem. Another Russian curler, Margarita Fomina, noticed volunteers mingling with the crowd, educating the fans.

There had been some embarrassing behavioral miscues, bordering on disrespect, during the team's opener on Sunday against Denmark. Curling fans, like tennis or golf fans, are not supposed to cheer the errors of opponents. That's another lesson slowly learned. The Russians are off to a start. The Americans arehaving frustrated their coach here with inopportune miscues that cost them both matches.

Just throw the rock. If nothing else, the U. Judging by the noise alone, this might have been Davis Cup match, or a U. Brown said the Americans pretended the fans were singers offering backup sex fur verkauf in budapest. She was happy for the fuss, happy for Sidorova. Just unhappy about the russisch frauen s olympic curling team. That sport, somehow, has opened doors for Sidorova, made her a marketable athlete in a previously unmarketable discipline.

The feeling is mutual. Skip to content. Anna Sidorova was a promising figure skater before an injury forces her to switch sports. Russian curler Anna Sidorova is happy to promote the sport of curling Despite Sidorova's status as a sex symbol, she wants to be known for her russisch frauen s olympic curling team ability.

Russia's skip Anna Sidorova reacts during their women's curling round robin game against the U. Most Read. He once thought Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga ate babies. Now he wants to help people out of QAnon.

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