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The winter of — in Europe was unusually cold. Globally, unusual weather patterns brought cold, moist air from the north. Weather systems were undergoing cyclogenesis from North American storms moving across the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and saw many parts of Europe experiencing heavy snowfall and record-low temperatures.

This led to a number of deaths, widespread transport disruption, power failures and postponed sporting events. The cold weather was caused by high pressure over Greenland and Iceland forcing weather patterns southward, a ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas described by meteorologists as the Arctic Oscillation and also the North Atlantic Oscillation which were negative compared to normal.

Light snowfall occurred in the UK on 16 December and weather warnings were given on most local TV stations; there were some traffic jams towards the south. The snow later spread towards France and northern Spain. In mainland Europe, early snowfall was seen across much of the western half of the continent. This snowfall led to the shutdown of Utrecht Centraal the largest rail hub in the Netherlands.

This snow was in the north half of a depression with east winds centred south of England. Several deaths attributed to the cold weather were reported. During the night of 18—19 December, five Eurostar trains were stuck in the Channel Tunneltrapping more than 2, people for up to 16 hours after the vehicles suffered electrical failures because of freezing overnight temperatures. Passengers were without heating, ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas and air-conditioning for several hours while food ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas water ran out.

However, a service from Paris became the sixth train to break down after becoming stuck near EbbsfleetKent. On 19 December, a daily high temperature of On the 20th, the December record low of In most cities bus services were halted and tram service was halted in all four major cities.

Public appeals were made to the Polish community to report any homeless or drunk people lying outdoors, in an attempt to reduce the number of deaths from exposure to the cold. In Kosovoone person died and ten people were injured in traffic accidents because of poor weather conditions. The local police called on residents to be careful on the roads because of the heavy snowfall and very difficult driving conditions.

On 21 December, the M25 motorway and large parts of the M3M4M40M1 and M11 motorways in the United Kingdom were brought to a standstill until late at night ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas many towns were gridlocked.

About people were able to travel from London Victoria Station to Ashford International railway station on a steam train hauled by the locomotive Tornado. Fresh overnight snowfall brought renewed problems to parts of the United Kingdom.

Particularly badly hit were north Hampshire and the Thames Valley in England. In Basingstokesome 3, motorists were forced to either abandon their vehicles or sleep in them overnight after becoming stuck in gridlocked traffic; approximately 2, cars were abandoned. The Local Government Association dismissed the claims as "unverified, unsubstantiated and unjustified".

On 23 December, overnight temperatures in the UK once again dropped well below freezing. Train services were cancelled for most of the day from Southampton Airport Parkway. A Ryanair flight landing at Prestwick Airport overshot the runway; no injuries were reported and the airport was soon reopened.

In western Serbiarapidly melting snow caused the Jadar River in Loznica to flood and resulted in farmland being submerged. On Christmas Day, parts of Britain had a White Christmas for the first time since after snow fell in northern and central Scotland and parts of England including Nottinghamshire. A man in LeedsWest Yorkshire, froze to death after spending 24 hours in his car. However, northern England and Scotland remained cold and nighttime temperatures continued to drop below freezing.

Some Boxing Day sporting fixtures were cancelled or postponed because of continuing icy conditions in certain areas, including the National Hunt meeting at Towcester and all but two of the Scottish Football League 's matches. Parts of England again suffered power cuts on 26—27 December. The Met Office issued fresh severe weather warnings and motorists were advised to drive with caution. The A75 between Stranraer and Newton Stewart was closed due to icy conditions; while the southbound carriageway of the A9 was blocked between the A and B in Perth and Kinross following an accident at Gleneagles.

Fresh travel warnings were issued on 29 December, as wintry conditions continued to cause problems on Scotland's roads. The runway of Inverness Airport was briefly closed because of snow and ice, and First ScotRail reduced its service to and from Glasgow Central because of the severe conditions.

However, the snow and icy conditions were good for the Scottish ski industry, which said the weather helped it to experience its best start to the season for several years. Snow was also reported in parts of the West Midlands region and Yorkshire. Continued icy weather in Scotland on New Year's Eve led to the cancellation of Hogmanay celebrations in Invernessamid concerns over public safety; [39] New Year celebrations in other parts of Scotland went ahead as planned.

For a second time that week Inverness Airport was closed, forcing several hundred passengers to make alternative arrangements. In BatleyWest Yorkshire, 2, gallons of water leaked into the local gas network; homes in Dewsbury and Batley were without gas during subzero temperatures.

The final homes were reconnected on 7 January. In some places it was as deep as 10 centimetres 3. This diverted warm west winds to the south over the Mediterranean and subjected western Europe to cold north winds, warm weather around the Caspian Sea and unusually cold weather in China.

A weather front brought heavy snow to north west England. In Britain many roads were closed, including part of the M9. On 3 January parts of northeast England and Cumbria had 6 centimetres 2. The next day in Scotland, Fife Council became the first local council to confirm that its supplies of grit were exhausted after it received less than it had ordered from suppliers.

Ministers denied there was a shortage of grit and salt, insisting there were "very substantial" supplies for Scotland's roads. In Switzerlandten skiers were reported dead or missing in avalanches. Eight people were rescued, although three remained missing. An extreme-weather warning was issued in the southern areas for overnight snowfall, which could bring accumulations ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas 25 to 40 centimetres 9.

The Met Office also confirmed that the UK is experiencing the longest prolonged cold spell since Most of Scotland had further snowfall during the night of 4—5 January. The synoptic situation in northern Europe settled into a steady northeast wind, which brought snow showers and belts of snow. The British Army had to help stranded motorists in southern areas.

Hawick and most of the southern Scottish Borders was cut off from the rest of the country for two days, [55] and roads in the southeast of England were left with traffic jams and abandoned cars. In the Netherlands and Belgium, road salt used to keep the roads clear of snow and ice was running out. National and secondary schools in Ireland were supposed to open after the Christmas break on this day; however, many were forced to close because of weather conditions.

On 8 January, the Minister for Education announced that all schools were to remain closed until at least Thursday, 14 January. This had caused some delays especially when salt was scarce for sand tanks on the trams for Ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas pedestrians.

This had also been done for the people affected by floods in October and November The National Grid issued its second alert in three days, asking suppliers to provide more gas and some businesses to switch to other power sources, as gas usage hit record levels. German officials also acknowledged a shortage of grit, and feared that high winds and drifting snow would lead to road closures.

In the early morning hours of 9 January, the autoroute was also closed to cars. Ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas storm also grounded flights at the Frankfurt am Main international airport. Deal and Sandwich in Kent, England, were virtually cut off by snowdrifts on 9 January. In the far south east, snow showers merged into longer and more persistent areas of snow. The football schedule was also heavily affected by the snowfall; all but seven games two in both the Premier League and League 1 and three ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas the Championship were postponed in England, and all but five Scottish Cup games were played in Scotland.

Several Guinness Premiership games and horse-racing meets looking for a car date in ratnapura cancelled as well. Belgium was covered with another thick layer of snow, in some central provinces such as Flemish Brabant as deep as 10 centimetres 3. Since the snow and possible traffic chaos had been forecast for several days, this resulted in few people leaving their homes; traffic accidents were minor and few.

At Brussels Airport slight delays were inevitable, but mostly the result of airports in neighbouring countries coping with heavier snow. A large depression moved into the Western Approaches from the Atlantic on 10 January and began to infiltrate the coldest areas of Britain, bringing a thaw to southwest England.

The weather in London cleared, allowing for transport access particularly by road across all areas of north and central London. A heavy snowstorm, ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas "Daisy", struck northern Germany on ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas and 10 January.

In northern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and eastern Schleswig-Holstein secondary roads were closed and trains cancelled, while snowplows and excavators struggled to keep the main routes free.

Since the storms were accumulating increasingly large snowbanks, hundreds of cars were stranded on Autobahn 20 near Jarmen during the night, and a train derailed after striking a snowbank near Miltzow. Parts of southern Spain, such as Sevillesaw their first snow since On 11 January, England and Wales continued to feel the effects of the depression in the Western Approaches.

In the Republic of Ireland, the Department of Education ordered all schools to close for the day due to heavy snowfall. Snow later fell in The Midlands and South-east England. In Holmfirth and Barnsley in north England, freezing rain or sleet fell onto deep-frozen roads; this created so much black ice that some people found that the only safe way to move about on roads was by crawling.

Many schools were again closed across England and Wales, and there were many road accidents and closures. The M25 motorway was down to one lane between Leatherhead and Reigate ; roads across southern Great Britain were untreated, wreaking havoc on commuters. Gatwick and Birmingham airports were closed, and many flights were delayed at Heathrow.

During 13 January the weather system continued north, affecting much of Northern England before reaching Scotland. Parts of northern France were also affected by snowfall. Arctic air entering the Mediterranean Sea brought snowfalls across Italian ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas coasts. Snow covered Rome with a couple of inches, with some flurries reaching Naples. An extremely rare snowfall occurred in CagliariSardinia. At least 43 people were killed after more than a month's worth of rain fell in southern Madeira in five hours during a strong Atlantic winter storm, producing severe flooding and mudslides.

At least 62 people were killed 51 in France and 12 were missing during a European windstorm in Western Europe, affecting mainly Spain, France, Germany and the Benelux region.

Numerous levees were breached in western France. By the end of the month, the unusual cold had spread from primarily the south to the north of Sweden. In the south, temperatures occasionally went above ganz manikin dating amateure in nuevitas, but average highs were firmly below freezing, except in the deep south where it hovered around the freezing point.

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