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Today we have a rather peculiar topic at hand, and that is gay anime. From my experience, this can often end up being a controversial topic when brought up in a group of people.

However, there are still a lot of viewers who have expressed their desire to see a list of the best gay anime there is. Some anime in the list are simple shounen-ai boys romancewhile some are pure Shota yaoi porn animated comic. I will try to keep the anime descriptions spoiler-free and only explain the basics. Shota yaoi porn animated comic I would recommend skipping those and going on to try some else, one of the main reasons I am adding this many anime to the list is to make it easier for you eis kalte champagner nude pics find a good anime for yourself.

Everyone has different tastes so some anime you like others might hate and vice versa. The story follows Mochizuki who is a young businessman. One day while he was at work, his boss came in and started fondling him. The boss explained to Mochizuki that he should not hesitate it and that this is the best way for him to climb the ladders in the business world. After that Mochizuki starts sleeping with a lot of men so he can rise to the top.

This gay anime is pure Yaoi and sex scenes, so if you enjoy that you should definitely check it out. This anime is inspired by a Yaoi game, however, the anime itself does not have sex scenes and only slight Shounen Ai stuff. Until one day he gets dragged into a game called Rythm. Rhythm is a virtual reality game where you can battle your opponents. Upon getting dragged into this game, Aoba finds sally d angelo anal sex that there have been a lot of unexplained murders lately.

After finding out about it he slowly dragged himself deeper into the dangers of his town. Although some would not even put this show under gay anime category, but seeing how the game it was inspired from had a lot of Yaoi scenes, I thought it deserves to be on this list.

The story about this anime might be a bit confusing, but follow me on this one. Mira is in love with his father, who is a famous actor. Mira also then finds out that shota yaoi porn animated comic is adopted and that his father has decided to marry a famous actress. And the son of the famous actress also has a love interest in Mira. So yeah, by now you probably get what I was saying earlier.

The story shota yaoi porn animated comic place in a post-war Tokyo. Tokyo has been overtaken by an organization called Vischio. The organization renamed Tokyo to Toshima. Vischio designs a game for the citizens to play called Igura. Igura is a deadly game where the last man standing wins. However, it is not the only game, another game which prohibits murder and weapons called Bl ster rises. The main character of this gay anime Akira is one of the top contenders of Bl ster.

Until one day he is convicted of murder and forced to play the deadly Igura game in order to prove his innocence and survive. Yukiya Ayase is an innocent and kind university student who one day gets sold by his relative.

His relative Tetsuo was in debt, and in order to repay his debt, he sold Ayase to the highest bidder. However, Ayase cannot remember who he is. Somuku Kanou tells Ayase that he must repay the 1. Nude indian girls club bilder first, Ayase was reluctant, but then they started growing to like each other.

This gay anime can serve as a great lesson to you not to get yourself in debt unless you want something like this to happen.

Drown in sorrow that he is getting shota yaoi porn animated comic, Nagai gets drunk so much that he barely controls his actions. Seeing him drunk. Honda brides best man takes advantage of Nagai and they shota yaoi porn animated comic sex. However, unlike some other gay anime, the characters in this anime feel very realistic and the story is set well.

They travel to England in order to relax a little bit and take a break from solving murders. During shota yaoi porn animated comic vacation, Dee sees his chance to seduce Ryo who he has very strong feelings for. However, Ryo is uncertain how he feels about his partner Dee. Although everything was going well, while on the vacation, strange murders begin to happen.

The murdered victims are all Japanese, and so Ryo and Dee set out swinger couples seeking sex in sabanalarga solve these cases in order to prevent Ryo half-Japanese from being the next victim. A great murder detective gay anime for you to check out. Itou Keita is an average high schooler who has suddenly received an invitation to an elite and prestigious school.

Upon arriving at the school Keita wonders why he was invited to this school full of talented and beautiful young man. Perplexed with finding a unique talent that he is good at, he develops intimate relationships with almost everyone at the school. However, there is one student that mysteriously attracts him and that is his classmate Kazuki Endou.

A gay anime full of hot guys, what more could you wish for? Takaba Akihito is a year-old freelance photographer who has been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Asami then kidnaps him and brutally rapes him. This event creates a sadomasochistic relationship between them as they tend to feel a sexual attraction towards one another.

If you are looking for a pure gay anime with a lot of sex scenes, this is the anime for you. Takaya Ougi is what you would call a normal high schooler, Takaya only wanted to lead a normal peaceful life, when one day he encountered Nobotusunae Naoe.

Naoe is the incarnation of Lord Kagetore, upon meeting Takaya, Naoe awakened his spiritual powers. After that, they fight the evil spirits of the Feudal Underworld and slowly uncover more about Lord Kagetores past and his connection to Takaya.

Mirage of Blaze is a really interesting gay anime for you to check out. Shota yaoi porn animated comic is a new gay anime adapted from a Korean webtoon. Hyperventilation is a new gay anime that has just recently come out. Kyousuke Iwaki and Youji Katou are two young men struggling in the film industry, and they will do anything to become successful. On an audition for a new popular movie, Iwaki is accepted as the star actor of the movie over Katou. While spending time together, Shota yaoi porn animated comic believes to be in love with Iwaki.

However, Iwaki refuses to accept that he has feelings for Katou. All of that changes when a Japanese gay actor comes and co-stars a movie with Katou. The story follows an average boy named Norio who one day falls down the stairs into the arms of a handsome stranger. Norio did not know that this encounter with the stranger would change his life forever. Afterward, Norio discovers that he is a special breed of humans that has not evolved from a monkey.

And so he enters a shota yaoi porn animated comic society of elite people who have all evolved from all kinds of animals, but not monkeys. One of the most interesting things about this gay anime is that it actually has a female cast unlike most Yaoi out there. The story of this gay anime follows Chisato, a year-old writer that looks like he is 18 years old. He has a son that he loves named Riju. Riju is 15 and very attractive, he also has a lot of friends who come over.

So Chisato shota yaoi porn animated comic on a fake smile and treats Rijus friends well while poisoning the food that he serves them. Until one day a guy named Shunsuke comes along and reads through Chisatos plans. Sensitive Pornograph follows the romantic story of two gay couples. The first part follows the story of two mangaka artists.

Upon their meeting, Seiji is shocked that Sono is a man after their encounter love starts growing between them. The second part of the story follows Koiji Ueno who is one day hired to take care of a pet from an unknown client. The master is Taki Raizen, also known as Mad Dogg for his brutal temperament, however, despite his angry nature, he is quite attractive. He is followed by his servant Klaus. Klaus has sworn loyalty to Taiki and follows all of his orders.

Although they have a deep bond, the war between the countries interferes with it. Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete is a shounen-ai gay anime that follows the story of Free first anal v ideos Takato.

However, his title was snatched by a newbie actor Azuyama and his charming smile. One day, Azuyama caught Takao drunk and bribed him for silence. While Takao was drunk Azuyama took him to his apartment and videotaped him naked. In order for him not to tell everyone of Takaos shameful night, he asks Takao if he can hug him. The story follows Charley who is a cyborg vampire following the orders of the Vatican.

His partner is the local playboy Johnny Rayflo. Johny and Charley fight a lot between each other, but they also hunt vampires shota yaoi porn animated comic. Unfortunately, lokalen chats fur erwachsene linien is only one episode OVA of this, and I would recommend it to you that you read the manga if you want to understand the story better.

However, the OVA is really well animated, dramatic and action-filled, which makes this gay anime worth checking out. The story revolves around Akira Shota yaoi porn animated comic, a high school kid and a typical slacker living a normal life.

Shirogane, a mysterious man, suddenly appears to him and tells him shota yaoi porn animated comic they have a destiny together. Akira does not believe in him even the slightest and goes on to live his life. One day when he goes back to school to help his friend, he gets attacked by a shadow monster.

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