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Dating rules for probation officer convicted of violating a criminal law could be placed on probation instead of going to jail or prison. Criminal offenses are classified as either dating rules for probation officer or misdemeanors. Serious criminal offenses, such as rape, murder, burglary and robbery, are classified as felonies for which a person could be sentenced to spend years confined in a prison.

Shoplifting, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and other crimes not considered as serious as felonies are classified as misdemeanors. Instead of being confined in a prison, someone convicted of committing a misdemeanor would be confined to a local or county jail.

Probation supervision is a sentencing option in place of prison or jail. Usually reserved for nonviolent offenders or for offenders without a prior criminal recordprobation means the person remains free within the community under the supervision of a probation officer. The length of time a person remains on probation depends on the laws of the state in which the person was convicted. Probation for a misdemeanor would be for fewer years than for a felony. For example, someone convicted of a misdemeanor might be sentenced to up to three years on probation while a felony conviction could be for as long as five years.

A probation officer has the authority to ask the court to release someone early from probation, but there could be a minimum length dating rules for probation officer time a person must be on probation before being released. When imposing a sentence of probation, judges usually set conditions that are enforced by the probation officer.

Conditions depend upon the type of crime committed or the prior record of the person, but some common conditions include the following below. The probation officer supervises the individual with regularly scheduled meetings to ensure all terms and conditions of probation are met. Breaking the law or failing dating rules for probation officer meet the conditions of probation can result in a probation violation petition being dating rules for probation officer to revoke probation and send the person to jail or prison.

If a person fails to comply with the conditions of probation or does not meet with the probation officer when scheduled to do so, the probation officer can file a petition charging the person with committing a probation violation. A probation violation result in the person being arrested and held in custody pending a probation violation hearing.

A hearing on a probation violation is usually presided over by the same judge who imposed the original sentence. Evidence is presented by a prosecutor to prove the allegations contained in the probation violation petition. If the evidence proves the person violated his or her probation, the judge can resentence the person by extending the probation supervision or by revoking probation and imposing a different sentence. The alternative to extending supervision is usually confinement to jail or prison.

You cannot use the site to obtain information about the probation status of someone convicted of a misdemeanor. You can also use the federal courts website to search for the federal probation status of someone. The background check should reveal information about the date dating rules for probation officer sentencing and the type dating rules for probation officer sentence imposed by the court.

The results of a search, whether on a government website or through a website offering criminal records searches and background checks, should give you the name of the probation department or agency providing the supervision. A phone call to the agency asking for the name of the dating rules for probation officer officer in charge of the supervision could be all it takes to get the information you want. If the reason you want to speak to the probation officer is to report a possible probation violation, letting this be known at the beginning of your call could get you the information or a return call from the probation officer.

Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. How can this happen? There are sometimes exceptions made to some incarceration terms for various reasons however, we do not have an affiliation with the Department of Corrections so we cannot weigh in on what happened or speculate why this person was released from prison early. You might be able to reach out to the Department of Corrections in your state or the Federal Bureau of Prisons to inquire more details. Prison inmates can sometimes be released from prison early on parole.

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