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Starting May 24th, we will open to tent and RV campers, and start renting cabins. All in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Our family nudist camp is nestled in the rolling hills and valleys of beautiful Switzerland County Indiana, where the atmosphere is always quiet and relaxing. Awaken in the morning to song from the birds, and watch the whitetail deer drakes ridge rustikale fkk retreat his thirst at the pond. As you take your morning stroll to clothe yourself in sunshine, feel drakes ridge rustikale fkk retreat burden of stress lift from your shoulders.

Grab the fishing pole to try your luck at a bass or bluegill. Take a hike through the woods on one of our trails. Skip a rock on the pond. Later it may be volleyball, cornhole, skinnydip in the pool, or socializing with friends. We do know it will always be relaxing. Come for a visit and join us for a lifetime. Drakes Ridge Rustic Nudist Retreat is an organization devoted to the freedom of the individual, removal of clothing is both symbolic and practical in achieving personal and body acceptance as well as removing drakes ridge rustikale fkk retreat barriers.

Members come from all walks of life and religious faiths and all age levels and ethnic backgrounds as well as persons of all shapes and sizes. We choose not drakes ridge rustikale fkk retreat impose rules which would destroy our objectives. The use of first names is customary to promote the friendliness we espouse. We also respect the fact that some persons wish to keep their affiliation private.

We respect nature and ask that no wildlife, plant or animal, be harassed or destroyed unneccesarily. We request everyone's efforts to keep the club grounds clean. We are a cooperative club and encourage members to help. We welcome children with their parents, as children make natural nudists. We maintain a wholesome family atmosphere. Innocent expressions of affection among family members and friends are commonplace, but overt sexual activity is unacceptable.

Behavior which disrupts the harmony and tranquility of the club is not permitted. The fundamental distinction between a summer resort and a nudist park is, that at the latter, clothing is not compulsory.

Naturally if you desire membership, we expect that you want to remove your clothing when nature's circumstances are favorable. Nudity in the pool is required for everyone. However, as a newcomer you will have time to adjust to a new experience. The office is located to the right as you come in the drive and see the pool. First time visitors please call or email prior to your first visit. If this is your first time you will be asked to sign an understanding of our philosophy and a release of liability, along with answering reasonable requests for identification.

Parking is available on the upper side of driveway in the main area at an angle to the driveway. Site holders and renters may park at their site. Motorized vehicles other than transportation onto the grounds or for handicapped or maintenance require a special permit. Wearing undergarments, bathing suits, or body jewelry in the genital area is not considered appropriate attire. Parents shall be aware of their activities and whereabouts at all times.

Special activities are planned for children. The pool deck gate shall be closed at all times. Remove any oils from skin before swimming. Nudity is required in the pool and pool deck except swim diapers. Clothing shall not be left around the pool area, but left in cars or campsite.

Keep all food, drink, and cigarettes away from water area. Do not swim alone. Swimming is not permitted in the pond. Campfires are designed to serve several campsites. Exceptions for individual sites must have fire pits approved and be encased in rock and small enough to put out with a metal lid or tub and must be covered when you leave your site. Keep a bucket of water handy to your fire. Use dead wood on the ground for campfires.

Do not burn treated wood or other toxic items. Be careful about where you camp and walk nude so that you are not seen by anyone passing on road. If you wish to hike across the county road, be certain to have a cover-up with you.

We do not want to drakes ridge rustikale fkk retreat any neighbors or create opportunities drakes ridge rustikale fkk retreat criticism.

PETS: All guests must abide by current pet guidelines. Any photography is by management only, with release, or among the members who know each other, and only with explicit permission.

Call for emergency care. Phones are located in clubhouse. Several faucets are available on the grounds, and showers are inside and located on the south side of the bathhouse, and a kitchen is located inside the clubhouse.

POND: All children shall be accompanied by an adult on the dock and parents should be aware of when the children are around the pond. Please follow fishing regulations and do not add any fish to the pond. The pond is ten feet deep off drakes ridge rustikale fkk retreat dock and a maximum of fifteen feet. Fireworks are not permitted. No intoxication will be tolerated.

Generally speaking alcohol is not included in our activities. No smoking in the clubhouse or at communal meal locations. The smoker's pavilion is available to smokers. Please use ashtrays.

Adults may keep their own hours keeping extra quiet from PM until AM. Radios and TVs, etc. Not everyone shares the same tastes. Mechanical equipment noise shall be minimal and weekend maintenance for necessity only. Please use the appropriate container.

Please put your site trash in the dumpsters near the front gate. Free trash bags are available in the office. Hiking, sunning, relaxing, swimming, sports and games, and other activities are entered into at your own risk. Be aware of uneven ground, deep pond, poison ivy and wild rose bushes, and insects. Wildlife is generally harmless if left alone.

Please keep food locked up. All local, state, and federal laws are expected to be obeyed. We are the same time as Ohio or Eastern Kentucky. Always drakes ridge rustikale fkk retreat in mind making a good impression as a representative of Drakes Ridge and nudism. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder. Welcome and thank you for visiting our site!! Woodland Serenity for your Nudist Experience.

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