What is an Authorized User?


In the world of credit, it can definitely be confusing when you do not know all the particulars, benefits, and even detractors of what can affect your credit score.

There are even certain methods and permissions you can do and go through that involve other people and your credit score. For instance, there are tradelines, which are basically liens of credit on your report, that you can allow someone else to be a part of in order to give them the same benefit as you.


These are known as authorized users, and when you have authorized user tradelines you are allowing someone to “piggyback” off of your good history to help them boost their own trade risk. If you allow anyone to be able to take part in a credit tradelines that you have, you have right then and there made them an authorized user.

Authorized users come with certain benefits, but all that usually point in the person doing the piggy backing, not the other person. It is a very generous thing to do but can have repercussions for all involved if you are not careful.

This is not such a popular method with credit as it was before but it is still something that people do all the times and continues to work even to this day. Which can really help people out in a jam.

AU tradelines have been around for quite some time and show no signs of ever being displaced or disbanded.


All in all, the major benefit of AU tradelines is credit enhancement. We could all use a boost to our credit score from time to time and being an authorized user can certainly help you out. When we talk about credit enhancement, it is usually for a particular benefit, such as buying a house or obtaining a car or other piece of property.

Whatever the reason may be, wanting to do better for your credit score is a boon and as long as the person who allows you to be an authorized user is doing what they are supposed to, there is really no reason to not do it.

Keep this in mind the next time you need to make some changes to your credit score as you never know what it may do for you.

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