The Scribblenauts Free Is The Best Ever


The Android game Scribblenauts free is invented by Warner Bros. International Enterprises it is published in Google play store. The international enterprises Warner Bros. develops the different games for the android. This game is an action game and it creates the player to the action practices. The last updated on this game is on 1 February 2016 and their downloads are about 50,000 or more on the Google play store. You can download this game by simply click on the download button. It is the top rated game in the list of all game or on the Google play store.

Scribblenauts free

You can see all type of games according to your choice in this open world. If you want to get information about the Scribblenauts apk games you can go to YouTube and search our Androisgamessspot channel. It is providing the variety of games and have many different levels according to your desire and also giving the fun for the long time. The new version of this game develops the new features for the future and add the more object that is used in the game. You can play the Scribblenauts free on your smart phones, tablets or personal computer. The control is on the touch screen around the playground the two fingers pan is available and also have the optimized mobile controls. It also introduces the new characters and objects in the game time to time and this thing attracts the users.

This game has some requirements at the time of start this game must check all these following requirements:

  • The version of your device should Android Version 4.4 and more.
  • Your mobile device must be tested on Samsung Galaxy S5 & Note 3.
  • The file size that you need for this game is 99 + 412 MB.
  • The android device must have the processor of 1 GHz +.
  • The required Ram for this game is 1GB.


The Installation Of Scribblenauts free

You have required the following step to install or download the apk games and if you face any problem you can get help for us by visiting our official websites or visit our channel on the YouTube. The steps that you need to install this game is given below:

  • First of all, at the first step download the game data.
  • After collecting the data install the apk game but don’t open it at this time.
  • When you install the game then off the wifi connection or mobile data connection to ignore the download game data automatically.
  • To location the sd card extracts the data zip file of the game.
  • Create the obb folder and after that put the folder of download game data in it.
  • Now the game is launch and you are ready to play this game.

The Scribblenauts free is a real and unique action game it provides the other types of the game also like puzzle games, adventure games, shooting games and much more. It provides the High-quality graphics and sound. The control system of the game is also unique and fast.

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