Natural looking makeup might seem a little boring to you and me but it’s ideal for any professional situation.We need to look our best and present well so this is perfect.
All products used are mentioned.Here’s another example of super neutral makeup. I had a big work meeting that day so could not wear any visible colors. I applied a cream color base and then a light taupe color in my outer crease, blending inwards and upwards. I used a white pencil to line my lower water line (I use this trick all the time, it really brightens up my tired eyes). A little brown mascara and that’s it. Notice how my eye-shadow is barely visible?

OK so what is best for natural looking makeup? The best color to use are nudes, which go from lightest beige/cream to a darker brown/chocolate. Try to avoid “shimmery” colors (or only use very little product in the inner crones to brighten up the eye), mattes are better I find. When I use too much shimmer, my wrinkles seem to be highlighted so I’ve permanently switched to mattes. There had also been many question asked about hair and makeup you can find all about hair and about by Asian bridal hair and makeup London.


Products used in this makeup:
Rice paper eye shadow by MAC
Beige eye shadow by MAC
Vanilla eye shadow by MAC
Brownstone mascara by MAC
Brown eye pencil by Boots
White eye pencil by Boots
White shimmer by Boots (only a tiny bit in the inner corners)
Julia Cohen wrote an inspirational article on timeless anti-aging secrets giving excellent tips. Read it here.

Step by Step Natural Looking Makeup

Step 1: Apply concealer/primer to cover imperfections, i.e, pimples, blemishes.

Step 2: Apply foundation that matches your skin tone. The right foundation will seem to disappear on your face. Set your foundation with translucent powder (I use mineral veil by Bare Minerals).

Step 3: Apply eye shadow in light nude, all over your eyelid from lash line to brow bone.

Step 4: Apply your darker nude eye shadow to your crease. Blend upwards towards brow bone.

If you’re worried about a different eye shape, read these great eye makeup tricks!

Step 5: Apply eyeliner in darker brown or charcoal. Skip liner if you want to keep makeup super neutral. Or just lightly line your eyes so that the line is barely noticeable.

Step 6: Apply brown mascara to keep lashes looking natural. Since you’re using brown mascara, several coats will still look neutral. They do on my lashes.

Step 7: Apply blush lightly to your cheeks, going up to your temples. Choose a blush color that is close to the color of your cheeks after you’ve exercised.

Step 8: Finally, keep your lips nude with a clear lip gloss.
There it is. Pretty simple, huh?

If you want to know more about makeup CLICK HERE.

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