So long, One Tree Hill Tv Show


So long, One Tree Hill

2013 was a tough year for me – I guess all of us have one of those years when nothing seems to go right, and with every step you took to ensure that it doesn’t turn into an epic disaster, it did. That was the year I lost myself, and I felt the pain of the loss shutting me up from inside. It was a hard time, and I had to go through it alone. The road ahead seemed dark enough to send shrills of silent scream down my back – and I found it very difficult to conjure up the courage that I required to pull through.

I don’t remember how I started watching it, but all I remember is that One Tree Hill saved me – from myself, and everything else that threatened to destroy me. And at one point, I seriously blurred the lines of imagination between my life ending, and the world of One Tree Hill beginning.

A good show is like a good book – it has the power to transport you into a world of dreams, and make you forget what you were worried about in the first place. With each chapter ending and another beginning, the layers of a story come unfolding, and as the conflict approaches resolution, so does our clarity of mind – that is what a good show does, it enlightens us to the path of resolution, within us and outside. Somewhere between Lucas playing ball on River Court and ultimately marrying Peyton years later, the love of his life, I graduated from being a standard screw-up to a normal person – emerging with a clear head and with the conviction to change my life for the better.
So long, One Tree HillThe first season of this American TV Shows focuses on the conflict between the two half-brothers – Nathan and Lucas. Even though Nathan comes off as the ‘luckier’ between the two, with a flourishing basketball career, a pretty girlfriend and the affection of both his parents, he is deeply troubled underneath – he lacks the pure unconditional love that any person at any point of their life needs to sustain himself or herself, if not anybody else. However, Lucas, the seemingly less fortunate of the two is the one actually happy – being raised with all the love of his single mother and his paternal uncle, who considers him as one of his own.

The female leads of this TV show were unlike any other that I had ever seen before! Especially Peyton, the ‘loner’ cheerleader, who broke all molds of previously conceived blonde cheerleader characters with their funny t-shirts on TV, effectively making her into one of the most intriguing characters of the teenage television. Brooke, the promiscuity queen and though initially repulsive, once she let down her shell and gave us a peek into her vulnerable character, we see her for the amazing, flawed and beautifully imperfect character that she is – and her company Clothes Over Bros remains probably the most badass spunky fashion brand ever portrayed on fiction – television or otherwise. As the show progresses, Brooke becomes one of the most evolved and well defined characters, all testament to her growing exponentially as a person. The last but not the least, Haley. Although starting off as timid, she grows on to develop into the strongest voice of reason in the series. As the characters grew with each episode and each season, so did I, and with this show, I came to embrace the fact that everyone of us is flawed in some way or another, and the best we can hope for in this world is somebody who understands and accepts you – just the way you are.

With each trial faced by the characters, they emerged stronger, and somehow that resonated to a part of me that woke up after a long slumber, providing me a clear vision of the world that lay ahead. And I became whole again.

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