Journey Through the advocare 24 day challenge cleanse phase


few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to take part in my very own Advocare 24 Day Challenge. This beyond week I’ve been sharing a piece about the Project through instagram posts and Plenty to anybody who is aware of me in actual life!

I’ve been sharing so much due to the fact I’m completely in love with this program!  Wait – let me back up a piece.  When Donna, an Advocare Distributor supplied me the possibility to partake in the Challenge with every day coaching from her, I was totally beaten.  On one hand, I virtually desired to try it because I’ve been absolutely sad with my body and lifestyles [always tired, no energy, no drive/determination], however then again I was terrified to decide to 24 days of training from a person I absolutely didn’t know.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

but obviously I jumped in and now on Day eight have definitely modified my outlook on the program.  Even when I agreed, I was nevertheless wonderful skeptical.  I’m a cynic and surely don’t believe in any “hype”.  I know the key to being healthful and it’s easy – food plan and exercise.  we all of us understand that.

but what occurs when you have actually no strength?  No pressure to workout.

What happens when you aren’t held accountable and you are making the ones terrible meals selections?

That’s where I used to be and I was in serious need of help.  Not seriously overweight, Now not severely lazy – however enough that I was down within the dumps and my ladies had been noticing and hubby was truly noticing.

So that’s in which I was when I started out Day 1 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  In addition to the Venture, I’ve additionally become active on My Health Pal [are you?  Add me!].  It’s helped me discover ways to make healthful food selections and genuinely maintain track of what’s stepping into my body.

Advocare 24 Day Undertaking

So, I know the real query for this post is “How’s it going?  What’s the process like?  What are you liking and Not liking?”

I’m currently on Day eight, pretty much to complete the Cleanse Phase.  It’s supposed to be the toughest part of the Challenge, but sincerely, it seems like a breeze to me.


That became crucial to me – it’s clearly a jumpstart to a more healthy you.  Seeing my adventure on paper [as in the journal above]made everything a lot less complicated on me.  I’ve been eating healthier meals [lower caloric thanks to MFP!], taking dietary supplements within the application and completely revolutionizing my energy levels with the miracle product – Spark!

Advocare Spark

Take a look around the web – you’ll discover so many Moms and others singing the praises of this Vitamin energy Drink!  I’ve never felt so alert, so focus, and so ME.  Top notch, I inform you.

Advocare Task Cleanse Section

You will be thinking about the *ahem* cleaning aspect of this Phase.  Well, it does simply that – but Not in a “OMG! in which’s the bath room NOW?!?”  It’s more of a getting things back on target kind of cleanse.  And that i’ll be honest – the Fiber Drink is, Well, disgusting.  I should chug it and Not even consider it, but the outcomes are absolutely worth it.  absolutely.

So, how do I actually feel about my 24 Day Challenge?  It’s Extraordinary.  I haven’t felt this accurate since being a Mom of Two [which is probably why I’m rambling and want to tell EVERYONE about my experience!].  These women, no matter how lovable, suck my energy everyDay and add in that I’m working from home – Nicely, it’s exhausting.

Inform me Something You Found out about the Challenge!

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