Finding the Best Hotels in Shanghai


Shanghai is one of the most popular destinations in China is located at the mouth Yangtze River. The city depicts the blend of the Western and Eastern cultures through the architectural designs. If you want to find the best hotels in the country, then this is the place to be. Shanghai has different types of pleasure to offer to the locals and the tourists alike. There are so many cheap hotels in Shanghai, and this makes it very easy to tour the city, even on a tight budget.  Here are some of the popular hotels:

The Peninsula Shanghai

This is a hotel in Shanghai, which defines luxury in great detail. If you are looking for modern comfort that embraced the cultural traditions of China, you should stay at this hotel. You will get the pampering that you may need with modern facilities, spa treatments and the best cuisines from all over the world. You must try the high tea, which is a signature of this hotel in Shanghai.

The Puli Hotel & Spa

This ranks among the best hotels in the whole region and is the first of a kind. It is a modern resort fitted with all the modern facilities and amenities. Considering the level of service you will get and the price that you will pay, you can comfortably say this is one of the cheap hotels in Shanghai. You will get quality music systems, guest library, mini bar and so many other luxuries.

88 Xintiandi

If you are looking for a hotel in Shanghai that focuses on serenity and elegance, the 88 Xintiandi fits the definition. Generally, Shanghai is a busy and noisy city, and one can never imagine having a quiet and peaceful time in the city. However, this hotel has managed to offer that. In as much as it may not be among the cheap hotels in Shanghai, it is definitely worth, every single cent that you will spend. Any upscale amenity that you can imagine is in this hotel, including foot reflexology machine, smart bedding, air purifier and so many others.

Park Hyatt Shanghai

This is among the best hotels in the world and most people already know it. If you are looking to live like a celebrity, this is the best hotel in Shanghai to offer you all that. The views on the ceiling and the floor are unmatched, and it has international standards on the eateries and bathrooms are made to suit all races and religions. This is your best opportunity to live in the clouds, but it will come at a price.

There are many things that Shanghai has to offer, and some of the best hotels in the world are in this city. With proper research, you will be able to secure cheap hotels in Shanghai.

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