Features of Massage Mattresses


A massage cushion is an electrical device that allows you to simulate the techniques of massage therapists, in such a way as to massage the back, neck, lower back, arms and legs[Source]. Since massaging mattresses are usually portable, the user can take them with themselves.

Massage mattresses allow you to relax and enjoy a complete massage on your arms, legs and back at any place and time, as they are foldable and easy to store and carry. Undoubtedly, the sense of well-being they provide helps balance the body and spirit.

They usually have several massage modes, such as Shiatsu massage, rolling massage, vibration massage or point-by-point massage. Thus, they enable people of all ages to eliminate the stress accumulated throughout the day in a fast and healthy way.

They also have 5 massage zones for neck, legs, arms, lumbar and back area, as well as heat therapy that will provide a soothing and relaxing sensation, reaching a maximum temperature of around 45/50 ° C. The user only has to choose the mode, the zone and the intensity to be able to enjoy the relaxing sensation of an authentic massage.

Commonly massaging mattresses are usually portable and with grip handles to carry them easily, and thanks to the fact that they are usually foldable take up very little space. In addition, they are easy to assemble and within minutes are ready for use.

The massager mattress has several vibration motors, generally between 5 and 10, to provide vibrating massages.
They usually work connected to the power grid, so the user can take them with them and use them anywhere and at any time. They can be used perfectly both at home and on holiday or business trips.

To control all their functions, they usually have a practical control knob, which allows you to select the massage to be applied, the area to be treated and the intensity.

Massage mattresses allow you to rest, relieve muscle discomfort, relieve stress and improve circulation through a massage located in the area that the body needs.

Thanks to the gentle vibrating massage and the infrared heat system, contractures, pains and muscular tensions disappear and the whole body is reactivated. The vibrations can be adapted according to the zone and needs of each user.

Massages applied by massage mattresses can improve many aspects of health, as they improve blood circulation, tone the skin, promote blood vessel dilation, eliminate the effect of tired legs, remove fat, Orange and even cellulite, since they activate the metabolism and with a greater transport of oxygen the sensations of pain disappear.

Massage mattresses can avoid using various problems, such as back problems, kidneys, contractures, blood supply problems or diseases of the intervertebral discs, as well as disturbances of stress or sleep.

As we see, there are numerous beneficial effects of massage mats, as they relax muscles, eliminate stress, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle aches and eliminate fatigue.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to use mattress massager to sleep and also in sessions over 20 minutes. In the case of pregnant women, persons with pacemakers, who have suffered thrombosis or who suffer pain for unknown reasons, it is recommended to consult the doctor in advance.

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