Eye Makeup For Asain Brides


You have a special evening planned. Maybe a Christmas party or a special dinner. Or maybe you want try different styles of eye makeup to spice things up. You want your eyes to make a statement.

Here are a few styles of eye makeup for you. I hope you like them.

I used fall colors in this look. A few varieties of greens and a rich orange/red tone for the inner eyes, adding just a touch of black to the outer crease to create depth. I chose mattes tones as I feel it better reflects the season. I lined my eyes with a deep warm green. The colors work perfectly together and this look is great for Autumn. It brings out the green fickle in my brown eyes and agrees with my skin tone (I am an Autumn warm). I loved it,

I used soft pinks on my eyelids and added a deep pinkish plum to my outer crease. But it’s the electric blue eyeliner that really brings this look to life. I made the line medium thick because it needs to stand out, it has to be noticeable. The two colors just work so well together and the blue really brings out my brown eyes. A touch of mascara completed this simple look. There are many people searching for coerces about makeup we have also some¬†Indian makeup courses London.

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I don’t usually wear icy blues but I loved this look on me. It made my eyes green! And I don’t just mean a hint of green but full on green. Wow! I used a white metallic eye shadow as a base (you can see it on my brow bone) and applied three tones of icy blue over it. I applied the darker shade to the outer crease and made sure everything was blended together. I would definitely wear this on a hot summer evening.

These last two eye makeup looks are not colors that I usually wear because of my warm skin tone but I really liked the end result and will definitely wear them again. The bonus was that I used natural mineral makeup so no negative makeup effects – it’s all natural.

So, I invite you to try different styles of eye makeup even if they’re not indicated for your skin tone. Be daring and try. You might be surprised! For more information CLICK HERE.

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