Because English is easy here 9 reasons


English is an easy language. I would say very easy. I know some of you are thinking that I exaggerate, but I will show you learn to speak English has nothing arcane and complicated.

Studying other languages, I realized how simple English: languages also considered easy for us Italians have such different conjugations and exceptions, while in English all the grammar seems bare-bones (it’s one of the reasons for its success ).

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But I understand those who think that English is difficult because it is easy to get discouraged when many grammar books and school teaching focus on the differences with the Italian feeling an almost sadistic pleasure in showing us the least interesting aspects of English as exceptions and tenses that will never use in life.

I assure you that it really is possible to see the glass half full and realize that in English you can make quick and fast progress because of its extreme simplicity. Here is a list (prepared with Sam) with 9 aspects that make English easy.

Because English is easy?

1- English has no conjugations true. The conjugation does not change as a function of pronouns. Of course, it must add an “s” at the end of the third person, but for sure you will agree that it is much easier than Italian.

no male and female

aprender ingles

2- Well yes! No need to learn the gender of words. In fact, the poor English speakers go crazy when learning languages like Italian and French, and can not understand why a bottle is to be ONE bottle.

3- There are thousands and thousands of words that resemble Italian. Some words, such as daily revenue in the use computer or internet, are virtually equal. And then there are the so-called false cognates (the opposite of false friend), ie words that are very similar in Italian and English (eg. Globalization and globalization)

4- English is heavily influenced by Latin. Although English is a Germanic language, words with Latin roots are so many.

5- The grammar is very simple. There are many variations and irregularities.

6- In English, the simplest solution is often the best. The simple and short phrases are always to be preferred in English. To write well is often advised to do simple constructions without getting lost in the stylistic exercises that sometimes employ in Italian.

7- The spelling is very simple compared to Italian. No double or various pitfalls like in Italian: writing in English has nothing complicated.

8- Each year are produced thousands of movies and serials in English. The Hollywood film industry churns constantly to suit all tastes. Even TV can help us with the many TV series broadcast on American channels and available on the internet.

9- There is a sea of resources available to practice. On the internet there is an abundance of resources and English is a bit ‘the language of the web: you will certainly find the topics that you are passionate to read the articles in English or use the many available sites.

I really hope you got a good dose of motivation and I’ve convinced you that English is easy (although I know that has some difficulty).

Often, for many people this is more of a psychological block to another, just as positive attitude and learning will be much easier. It is important to try to establish a good relationship with the language you want to learn and focus more on the positive aspects of a language rather than negative ones. Happy learning!

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