Custom Gemstone Engagement Rings Break Away From Tradition


Custom gemstone engagement rings are a wonderful way to break away from the more traditional looking rings that have been around for many decades. Although the diamond solitaire is certainly one of the very top choices in terms of engagement rings, there is a growing trend of couples who are looking for something that’s different and unique from all of the rest, leading them to various combinations and designs for custom gemstone vintage engagement rings.

Since most people simply do not know how to design rings in a professional manner, it is recommended to get a consultation with one of the professionals in the business. The experienced jewellers will not only be able to offer solid suggestions according to the customer’s wants and needs but also help develop ideas to get the perfect custom gemstone engagement rings that will last in beauty and style throughout the ages.

In order to get a better idea of the different options that are available for custom gemstone engagement rings, consider some of the following tips and suggestions:

Mix and Match Gemstones

There are literally hundreds of different gemstones that are readily available for customizing beautiful and vintage engagement ring. To get a particular look in a ring, there is different gemstone combinations that can be arranged where the gemstones either stand out on the ring or create a beautiful subtle look.


A monochrome arrangement of gemstone offers a very subtle look in the same colour range but with different shades of it. Choose some shades that are softer along with others that are brighter. For example, a blue monochrome ring can have any combination of Turquoise, Opal, Blue Topaz or Aquamarine.

Black and White

A black and white combination works beautifully with platinum, silver or white gold rings. The lovely combination of the dark stones with light ones, perfectly enhance a silver band. Some common black stones are Onyx, Black Spinel, Obsidian and Hematite. Common white stones that would perfectly compliment the black ones are Moonstone, Opal or Pearl.

Complimentary Colours

Complimentary gemstones are certainly a fun and unique way to design custom gemstone engagement rings since they really offer a vibrant look that will surely catch many people’s eye. The most common combinations are violet with yellow (amethyst and citrine), red with green (ruby and emerald) or blue with orange (lapis lazuli and coral), but any colours that are found opposite each other on the colour wheel will work beautifully.

Analogous Combinations

Similar to monochrome gemstone combinations, this is when gemstones with colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel are used together. Consider blues with violets, blues with greens, reds with oranges or yellows with oranges.

These types of combinations can give an engagement ring a very warm fiery look or have a cool relaxing feel to it. This is a very popular choice for engagement rings that perfectly match the season of the engagement or wedding. Warmer colours are used for summer, soft and warm or cool pastels for spring, cool colours for winter and warm earthy tones for autumn.

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