Country Curtains – The Things to Consider


The truth is that there are quite a lot of different interior designs that you can take your pick from. However, when it comes to country houses which are usually used by the elderly and retired people, the country style is without a doubt the most appropriate one. It creates a tremendous amount of comfort, a sense of calmness and it’s appropriate enough to fit a nice retirement. One of the vital things that you would consider when it comes to furnishing your house is the Country Style Curtains from Country Porch Home Decor well as the complementing Valances.

These are absolutely essential and are going to provide the interior with the finishing touch which is particularly important for this particular type of decoration. With this in mind, we hope to provide you with one incredibly appropriate product. The Abilene Star Valance curtain pattern is particularly appropriate, and it’s going to look tremendously great on your country house décor. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look.


The Abilene Star Valance

This particular unit is a part of the Abilene Star Collection which is going to present you with the opportunity to pick between arrays of various window treatments. They are designated to properly complement the country inspired look of your home.

As far as this particular unit goes, it’s a single fabric machine stitched valance. The color combines dark Grey as well as crème in order to deliver convenient and flecked appeal. It is lined with characteristic white cotton in order to further emphasis on the country style look and to go well with any primitive décor settings. It has a scalloped edge with 0.5 inches bias cut. Furthermore, it features a 3.25-inch rod pocket and a 2-inch header to complete the splendid appeal.

Specifications and Care

First and foremost, the entire valance is made out 100% of cotton which means that you shouldn’t use powerful machine washing cycles but rather gentle ones. You can treat it like regular loads of colors but refrain from using chlorine bleach. It’s manufactured in India, and it has a measure of 16” in length and 72” in width. It weighs around 0.7 pounds, and it’s easy to put up.

You can also freely iron the solution if needed. Keep in mind that it’s best if you combine this unit with a country style curtain in order to get the maximum effect of the interior.

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