Best Hotels to Live in While on Holiday in Beijing


The joy of going for a holiday is more enhanced when you get a lavish cheap hotel to let. Beijing is one of the highly developed modern cities in the world enshrining most the beauty treasures of China. Going for a holiday in this city would one of the best things to do because you will have the chance to enjoy the spellbinding natural, artificial and modern luxurious amenities. The city encompasses historical, geographical and adventure utilities that people can go and enjoy. It’s a multipurpose tour center where all tourists can enjoy.

Top Hotels in Beijing

The Westin Beijing Chaoyang, Hotel

This superb and lavish hotel is located just 12km from the Forbidden City. It is easily accessible by public and private transport, and it’s just less than 30-minute drives from the International Airport. Within its outskirts, luxurious restaurants, night clubs, and major shopping malls prevail which make this hotel a home away from home. Inside, the hotel rooms are self-contained with bathrooms and kitchens to make you enjoy your stay without any interruption. Internet and Dstv connectivity is fully loaded in every room to enhance entertainment aspects of the room to visitors.

Beijing International Hotel, Hotel

Even its physical appearance depicts a noble class. This is a five-star hotel that is enriched with restaurants and work out areas on its ground floors making it to be more than just a hotel. It has spacious, luxurious rooms which are self-contained and well-pimped. Every room has its own flat screen TV with Dstv Connectivity making you to enjoy free browsing and downloading as long as you stay. You can stand at the balconies to enjoy the panoramic view of surrounding. It is indeed one of the best hotels to let when in Beijing.

Shi Yu Round Bed Hotel, Hotel

Feel like a VIP in the well pimped rooms of this magnificent hotel. Every room has internal temperature regulator, hot and cold showers plus a fully equipped kitchen. A Smart flat screen TV is available with Dstv connectivity so that you watch all the channels of your choice. As one of the big hotels in Beijing, it has restaurants that at ground that offer Chinese Mouthwatering dishes that anyone would like. The place is an epitome luxury owing to the fact that there are a lot of things you can do while here. It is also located around major luxurious amenities like central TV tower and Beijing art Museum.

There are many other hotels that offer accommodation to tourists and the choice solemnly depends on the preference of the person and the affordability of the hotel.

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