Acetyl-l-carnitine-powder is a brain booster


It is essential to take additional supplements these days in addition to a healthy diet to maintain the health of the body. You can choose any herb-based supplement or any other supplement that has the potential to enhance the bodily functions and thus ensure better health. One such supplement is acetyl – l – carnitine powder.

A knowhow on acetyl-l-carnitine and its numerous benefits

Generally referred as the short form, ALCAR, acetyl – l- carnitine is a form of L- carnitine, which is a widely used sports supplement. Since it is modified and acetylated, it has many more functions and benefits. One of the main benefits is that it can enhance memory and promote neuro plasticity which is helpful in increasing the health of neuro organs. ALCAR is more popular because it is a nootropic supplement which means lesser side effects and more positive effects. It mainly enhances brain function and increases intellect. It thus helps improve the thought process and gives you clarity.


As acetyl – l – carnitine is available in powder form, it is easy to consume and digest it.  There are very few nutrients that have the ability to enhance brain health and ALCAR is definitely one of them. That is why; it is known as a cognitive nutrient and also termed as ‘brain super fuel’. It acts a vital fuel to the brain and enhances the metabolism of energy in the brain cells which in turn is helpful to increase memory and enhance mental health.

Today, as age advances, the brain’s power starts diminishing and then it results into diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons’ disease, which are affecting a large population in the world. Acetyl – L – carnitine has the ability to prevent damage caused on neurons due to advanced age. Thus many diseases that lead to memory loss in old age can be prevented.

Another advantage of using ALCAR is that it can even bring about weight loss as it contains enzymes which can convert sugar and fat into energy.

The ways of using acetyl – l – carnitine powder

The usual dosage that is recommended for acetyl – l – carnitine powder is 500-1000 mg daily. As it only contains nutrients, the powder is safe and free of any harmful effects. When you start on the dosage, it is better to begin with low doses and then gradually increases the quantity. Those who wish to use it as a medicine should do so only after due consultation with your physician. Also, if you wish to take acetyl – l – carnitine as a nootropic supplement, it is best to use it in combination with other supplements. There are many such supplements available which can be effectively stacked with ALCAR.

ALCAR is relatively safe to use but some side effects such as stomach pain, nausea, headaches can occur. Also, not all are likely to suffer from the side effects. You can now buy acetyl – l – carnitine powder online as well. It also costs less and is an effective solution against brain cell damage.

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